Nebraskans for Solar is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. Our mission is to work with other statewide nonprofit organizations, government agencies, schools, businesses and individuals to create greater access to solar energy for all. Our 5 focus areas are:

  • Solar Powering Affordable Housing
  • Nebraska Solar Schools. Visit the website to learn more: nebraskasolarschools.org
  • Community Solar Development. Our nonprofit is one of many renewable energy advocacy groups in Nebraska that support community solar as well as rooftop solar development in our state. Community solar has other names, including shared renewables, solar farms, and solar gardens.
  • “Going Solar” Information. This is available at all our events.
  • Educational Workshops, Panel Presentations & Tours

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Watch Green Bellevue’s YouTube Video, Solar Powering Your Home: Learn how to install solar panels step-by-step HERE.
The March workshop was co-sponsored by the Green Omaha Coalition and Nebraskans for Solar.

Thank You OPPD!
OPPD plans to offer solar installers and code inspectors training on the interconnection process, which is discussed toward the end of the YouTube Video, and is currently reviewing three major items prior to that effort. They are: 

1)      OPPD Distributed Generation (DG) Manual: This document provides the guidance and specifications that inter-connected systems, such as solar arrays, are required to meet prior to going “on-line.”

2)      ConnectDER (Update): Effective July 1, 2017, the ConnectDER has been accepted by OPPD for use on certain Distributive Energy Resources (DER), including solar installations. The device has the potential of creating a “fast track” for residential (net metering) solar applications.  The ConnectDER offers various advantages, including added protection of house circuit breakers and the Distributed Energy Resources installation, itself. Any questions should be directed to Wyndle Young 402-636-3552 or email at wlyoung@oppd.com
ConnectDER Video

3)      OPPD Website: Renovation of the DG portion of OPPD’s website.

These updates, as well as the planned training opportunities, will make the solar installation process more streamlined and cost-effective for installers, code inspectors and customers, and OPPD is to be commended for taking these steps.
The ConnectDER – Solar innovation that saves time & money

Please see update presented by Wyndle Young, OPPD Projects Director, Customer Initiatives, on January 10, 2018 for NFS’s third solar group buy meeting. 


Photo: Nebraska’s first community solar project in Central City. Credit: Developer Cliff Mesner


Entering the term “solar energy” into the search boxes of our major utilities results in numerous resources / links:


  • SolSmart is a no-cost technical assistance program for local governments designed to drive greater solar deployment and help make it possible for even more American homes and businesses to access affordable and renewable solar energy to meet their electricity needs. SolSmart supports the goals of the SunShot Initiative to make it faster, cheaper, and easier to go solar.
  • The Solar Foundation administers the Solar Training Networka national program focused on growing and strengthening the U.S. solar workforce. If you are a solar employer or training provider interested in joining the Solar Training Network, visit: SolarTrainingUSA.org.
  • The Community College Gap Assistance Program offers financial aid to community college students taking non-credit courses that could lead to jobs in high-need fields. Eligible fields include renewable energy. Qualifying applicants are low-income students who would not be eligible for federal financial aid because, although they’re enrolled in college, they are not enrolled in courses for credit that lead directly to a degree. More information is posted here.
  • Community Solar Technical Assistance Opportunity: The nonprofit Smart Electric Power Alliance (SEPA)  provides technical assistance to parties currently pursuing or interested in pursuing a community solar program. Apply online to be considered for this opportunity. SEPA approved the first applications on April 8, 2016. This opportunity will remain open through 2017, and applicants will be considered on a rolling basis.  Click here for additional details and the link to the online application form.