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Companies Exploring Solar Energy, Establishing Foothold in Hot Industry

Network News Wire Editorial, PR Newswire

With climate change a hot topic and the Green New Deal providing a possible pathway for progress, solar power may be a more viable — and profitable — source of energy than ever before . . . Network News Wire holds no shares of any company named in this news release.
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GCEA Seeks Solar Arrays To Meet Local Energy Needs

By Christy Acuff, Crested Butte News

The Gunnison County Electric Association (GCEA) [in Colorado] is pursuing construction of two 500-kilowatt solar arrays to provide locally produced power to valley residents. The solar project fits into GCEA’s long-term goal to supply 50 percent of its power needs through renewable sources by 2030 . . . According to its contract with Tri-State Generation and Transmission Company, GCEA may self-generate only 5 percent of the total power it distributes to customers; the remaining 95 percent must be purchased from Tri-State suppliers. The planned solar array would be 2 percent of GCEA’s total power distribution, thus falling well within the mandated cap imposed by Tri-State members. The 5 percent cap has generated controversy among some of Tri-State’s 44 member co-ops throughout Colorado, New Mexico, Nebraska and Wyoming. According to cleancooperative.com, 13 of the member co-ops are at or approaching the 5 percent limit. Read more here.

Clean Cooperative’s Mission Statement
Renewable energy is now cheaper than coal, and many electric cooperatives are investing in solar, wind, and hydro projects to help keep electricity rates stable, support local economic development, and cut pollution. At the same time, electric cooperatives face unique challenges in moving from coal to clean energy. Clean Cooperative tracks the opportunities and challenges that electric cooperatives face in this energy transition.
Uncooperative: Tri-State policies are limiting New Mexico co-ops’ access to cheap solar power
Uncooperative: Tri-State policies are limiting Colorado communities from developing local renewable energy projects


Nearly 2/3 of Americans support a solar mandate for new homes, PV Magazine


Hawaii opens up existing solar installations to energy storage

Powerhouse solar shingle seeks 17.1% panel efficiency, pv magazine USA
The company’s pricing documentation listed the hardware at $2.80/W – with balance of system costs at $0.25/W and install labor at $0.25/W, totalling $3.30/W. The documentation suggests the solar shingle offsets an equivalent roofing value of $0.44/W – meaning an effective price of $2.86/W installed for a 6-kW residential solar power system, versus a national average of $3.73/W per an EnergySage report, which is higher than other estimates.

Powerhouse Installation YouTube Video – Click image to watch it.

Checking out “Energiewende”, by Sue Kelly, American Public Power Association Blog