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Warren Buffett-backed BYD and Generate Capital Take the ‘Messiness’ Out of Deploying Electric Buses

 By Julia Pyper, Greentech Media

The joint venture announced this week, described as the first of its kind, is designed to expand the U.S. electric bus fleet by reducing upfront costs. Generate Capital will invest $200 million to buy and lease the buses. Warren Buffett-backed BYD, one of the world’s largest electric vehicle manufacturers, will make and market the buses to public- and private-sector customers.
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Photo Credit: BYD


BMW, Tesla open factories in China in spite of trade dispute

Warren Buffett utility says no new gas

By John Weaver, PV Magazine

Pacificorp, a Berkshire Hathaway electricity utility serving six Western states, said it has no plans to build new gas or coal in the coming decades, but instead plans to add 2.7 GW of wind and 1.8 GW of solar. Click here to read more.


More U.S. jobs in solar than coal and nuclear combined, by Christian Roselund, PV Magazine
A new report from a think tank headed by former Energy Secretary Moniz reveals an additional 100,000 jobs with a part-time solar component, and hints at the political powerhouse that solar is becoming.

Local View: Buffett should support solar

Written by Eric Williams, Lincoln Journal Star

Eric is President-Elect of Nebraskans for Solar

Eric is President-Elect of Nebraskans for Solar


I’ve been a Berkshire Hathaway shareholder for more than 10 years; long enough to recognize that Warren Buffett is a shrewd investor who cares about his community and nation, but sometimes even the oracle needs a nudge. That’s why I signed a petition with more than 100,000 other people, encouraging Warren Buffett to support the booming rooftop solar industry that’s benefitting Nebraska and the nation. Continue reading.


Berkshire Hathaway joins major renewable-energy effort

By Nancy Gaarder and Steve Jordan / World-Herald staff writers

Photo: Matt Miller / The World-Herald  Warren Buffett with a large image of himself in the lobby at UNO's Mammel Hall in 2013.

Photo: Matt Miller / The World-Herald
Warren Buffett with a large image of himself in the lobby at UNO’s Mammel Hall in 2013.

Warren Buffett is lending his name and deep pockets to the battle against climate change.

Berkshire Hathaway Energy on Monday joined a dozen major U.S. businesses at the White House in calling for robust action on global warming.

Berkshire joined Apple, Walmart, General Motors, Cargill, Bank of America and others to announce more than $140 billion in investments in low-carbon projects and other actions as they shift toward greater reliance on renewable energy.

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FACT SHEET: White House Launches American Business Act on Climate Pledge

Charlie Munger sees renewable energy as a “huge benefit to humanity”

Motley Fool’s School: Wisdom from Omaha, posted on Telegram.com

Photo Credit: Forbes

Photo Credit: Forbes

Superinvestors and business partners Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger recently held forth at their Berkshire Hathaway annual meeting in Omaha, Nebraska. Here are some paraphrased nuggets:

  • On energy: It’s expected that 58 percent of Berkshire Hathaway’s energy will come from wind by the end of 2016. The company has committed more than $18 billion to renewable energy. Munger sees renewable energy as a huge benefit to humanity.

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