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Community Solar project edging closer to becoming reality

By Spike Jordan, Star Herald

Hemingford is edging closer to having a community solar project that generates electricity for the  community, adding certainty and stability to utility rates for village residents, Doug Dyskstra of GenPro Energy Solutions said Monday . . . So far, the Nebraska communities [GenPro] has served at various stages have been Central City, Aurora, Fremont, Grand Island, Gothernburg, Venango, and Scottsbluff. “We’ve seen this push to community solar across the country, and especially across Nebraska,” Dyskstra said.
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Photo: GenPro Energy solutions has been in talks with the Village of Hemingford since late 2016 to install a community solar project to help generate electricity for the municipality. As discussions continue, the Hemingford Community Solar Project could soon be a reality. Credit: GenPro

New Facebook wind power deal
Mark Zuckerberg’s company is looking to power its global operations with renewables. In March, Facebook announced a deal with Enel to source some of the power from the 320MW Rattlesnake Creek site in Nebraska. It also has power deals in Texas and Iowa, as well as some in Europe. 

Valmont Acquires Majority Stake in Convert Italia SpA, a Leading Provider of Solar Tracker Solutions
“The partnership with Convert Italia is an exciting advancement of our strategy to grow market adjacencies in our Utility Support Structures business,” said Stephen G. Kaniewski, President and CEO of Valmont. “Combining their single access tracker technology with our global manufacturing capabilities and utility customer base, allows us to provide an integrated solar tracker solution to utility-scale customers around the world.”

Village continues solar energy talk

By Amber Ningen, Star Herald

The possibility of solar energy becoming a reality in Hemingford was discussed some more during the Village of Hemingford Board of Trustees meeting Tuesday, Sept. 19. The board was given more information from GenPro Energy Solutions, a company that has been at several meetings to discuss the possibility of utilizing solar energy in Hemingford. Molly Brown, Vice President of Energy Production, gave the board members handouts to show what a one megawatt solar farm structure would look like in Hemingford. The handout showed 3,436 320-watt solar panels. Brown explained that they use northwest facing solar trackers that sit in rows from north to south and follow the sun from the east to the west.

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Top Image Credit: GenPro Energy Solutions