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Former Exxon Scientists Tell Congress of Oil Giant’s Climate Research Before Exxon Turned to Denial

By Maryanne Lavelle, InsideClimate News

The scientists’ work for Exxon was featured in an award-winning 2015 investigation by InsideClimate News that explored the company’s shift from climate research to climate denial and was mentioned in a video played as the hearing opened.  “In order to understand and confront the crisis we are facing, we must recognize the disastrous deception that brought us to the brink,” committee chairman Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-Md.) said. Read more here.

InsideClimate News’ Pulitzer Prize-finalist series: Exxon: The Road Not Taken

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Report says ExxonMobil misled public for decades, The Los Angeles Times. Republished by The Omaha World-Herald

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NextEra’s wind energy capacity in Nebraska will more than triple with new projects

By Cole Epley, The Omaha World-Herald

The largest owner of wind energy projects in the U.S. has two projects in the pipeline in Nebraska that will more than triple the capacity of its installed wind here in the next 2½ years. Read the entire story here.

Photo Credit: NextEra Energy

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YouTube Video 
NextEra Energy: Doing Well by Doing Good

Wind power will generate 40 percent of OPPD’s electricity by end of 2019

By Cole Epley, Omaha World-Herald

The Sholes Wind Energy Center in Wayne County will mark OPPD’s first contract with NextEra, which is also working on a 90-megawatt project in Webster County in southern
Nebraska . . . The Omaha electric utility plans to make another wind energy addition this year as it seeks to replace a portion of the capacity lost when it shut down the nuclear plant at Fort Calhoun last year. Read the entire news story here.

Photo: The Grande Prairie wind farm, the largest wind project in Nebraska history, will eventually generate more than 818 megawatts, almost twice the output of the Fort Calhoun nuclear plant, which closed last year. Credit: Megan Farmer / The World-Herald

Also published by the Omaha World-Herald

Bipartisan committee recommends Nebraska develop action plan on climate change

By Joe Duggan, Omaha World-Herald

A seven-member bipartisan committee voted unanimously to recommend that the Legislature authorize the plan, said State Sen. Ken Haar of Malcolm, one of the co-chairs of the committee. The plan should address a wide range of topics related to improving efficiency in transportation and irrigation as well as increased development of renewable energy. It also recommends further study of carbon and methane capture, next-generation nuclear technology and smart grid systems, as well as exploring changes to how the Nebraska Environmental Trust awards monetary grants.
Read more. 

Photo: Senator Ken Haar

Download: Final Report Of The LR 455 Special Committee To Create The Framework For a State Climate Action Plan

Time to create a clean-energy future

Written by Duane Hovorka, Executive Director of the Nebraska Wildlife Federation. Published by The Omaha World-Herald.

On Nov. 4, the Paris climate change agreement went into effect. The agreement was signed by 193 nations, representing 95 percent of the world’s carbon pollution, and so far 111 nations have ratified the agreement . . . American technology and ingenuity should be leading the world into the clean energy future envisioned by the Paris Agreement. That leadership, and the economic benefits that will result, is much more likely to happen if the U.S. remains part of the agreement than if we walk away. Read more here.

Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack talks expanding economic opportunities in rural America

By Joseph Morton, World-Herald Bureau

vilsackIn particular, he talked about the need to continue supporting renewable fuels and the bio-based industry. A new report says that industry contributes $393 billion to the economy, he said, adding that it has helped rural areas recover from the Great Recession by supporting 4.2 million jobs. The administration, he said, has tried to shift rural areas from an extraction economy to something that is more sustainable. “This is really about taking the natural resource advantage that we have in rural America and expanding its capacity,” he said. “For far too long we relied simply on production agriculture and exports to support the rural economy.” Read more here.

World-Herald editorial: “Times, energy mix change”


Omaha’s public utility is weighing whether to shutter the nation’s smallest nuclear power plant and get out of the nuclear energy business.

Omaha Public Power District’s decision next month on whether to close Fort Calhoun Nuclear Station is the latest development in a national trend. Continue reading.

OPPD News Release
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Tim Burke


SAVE THE DATE! President & CEO Tim Burke will present a forum hosted by Nebraskans for Solar on June 8th at UNO’s Community Engagement Center. The public is invited.

Nebraskans’ quest for wind power is far from a breeze

wind turbines on a Nebraska farm

Nebraska wind turbines

By Henry J. Cordes / World-Herald staff writer

With some significant wind farms recently coming on line and others in the works, Nebraska is on track for more than 1,300 megawatts of wind energy capacity by 2017. That’s still far below that of Iowa and many other states, but it’s nearly triple what Nebraska had just two years ago, said John Hansen of the Nebraska Farmers Union. “It’s the biggest development spurt we’ve had, a significant amount of additional wind power,’’ said Hansen, whose organization co-sponsored the eighth annual Nebraska Wind and Solar Conference . . . Representatives of the state’s major public utilities Thursday touted their recent efforts to boost their renewable energy portfolios, spurred in part by anticipation of the emission limits contained in the Obama administration’s Clean Power Plan.

Read more here.