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South Sioux City deserves praise for diverse energy strategy

Opinion written by the Sioux City Journal Editorial Board


Earlier this month, the South Sioux City Council unanimously agreed to, along with Green Star Energy Group LLC, apply for a $200,000 Nebraska Environmental Trust grant for a proposed $290,000 turbine . . . Other actions planned or taken by the city include the purchase of electric cars for use by city employees, the purchase of solar and wind power and construction of a private solar farm. In a unique, additional step, the city will produce electricity for its Scenic Park campground by burning fallen tree branches, limbs and brush it collects along the riverfront and across the community. Read about additional initiatives here.

Photo by Justin Wan, Sioux City Journal. South Sioux City senior code official Kent Zimmerman demonstrates the electric-car charging station in front of City Hall in South Sioux City in September 2015. Electric cars for city employees is one component of the city’s commendable renewable energy strategy.