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Third Nebraska Family Installs Solar in the Path of Keystone XL Pipeline in “Solar XL” Project

By Mark Hefflinger, Communications Director, Bold Nebraska

The coalition behind the Solar XL campaign includes the Indigenous Environmental Network, Native Organizers Alliance, Brave Heart Society, Dakota Rural Action, Bold Nebraska, and 350.org. The panels were installed by the family-owned rural solar business, North Star Solar Bears, run by Jim Knopik.

“The need for the KXL pipeline product is non-existent in the United States,” said Nebraska landowner Bob Allpress. “The monetary benefit to the peoples of Nebraska will be gone in 7 years, while the risks to our state are for the life of this pipeline. The installation of wind and solar production in Nebraska will provide many good Nebraska jobs and provide years of cheap electricity for everyone in our great state.”

Read the entire news release and additional quotations, and view photos of the first and second Solar XL projects here. 

Images: Nebraska landowners Bob and Nancy Allpress and supporters. Credit: Jason Shald / Bold Nebraska


Federal judge orders environmental review of Keystone XL pipeline, by Nancy Gaarder, Omaha World-Herald

A federal court in Montana has ruled that TransCanada must conduct an additional environmental review before it moves forward with the alternative route that has been approved for the controversial Keystone XL pipeline . . . Bold Alliance, an opponent that was among the plaintiffs in the case, welcomed the decision. “The court saw through the sham fast-track environmental review that TransCanada and the State Department were trying to shove past Nebraska landowners and Tribal Nations,” Mark Hefflinger of Bold Alliance said in a statement.

News Release: Tribes, Landowners, and Climate Groups Expand Campaign to Build Solar Inside Keystone XL Pipeline Route

Crowdfunding will support solar panel installations in South Dakota and Nebraska ahead of TransCanada’s plans for clear-cutting this Fall

Lower Brule, South Dakota — Today, an Indigenous-led coalition of pipeline fighters launched the next phase of their campaign, called “Solar XL,” to install solar panels along the route of TransCanada’s Keystone XL pipeline. The solar panels, to be installed in Nebraska and South Dakota, will help power the homes, farms, and Indigenous spirit camps of communities resisting the pipeline. This clean & renewable energy project stands in contrast to the threat posed by Keystone XL to land and water, Indigenous rights, and the climate. The coalition behind the Solar XL includes the Indigenous Environmental Network, Native Organizers Alliance, Brave Heart Society, Dakota Rural Action, Bold Nebraska, and 350.org. The campaign will be supported through crowdfunding.

Judith LeBlanc (Caddo), Director, Native Organizers Alliance, a national Native organizing and training network:
“Our future depends on if we choose to live in harmony and balance with Mother Earth. Projects like Solar XL, built with grassroots financial support and owned by Indigenous communities and family farmers, are our best hope for a future of sustainable energy that delivers us from dependence on fossil fuels and the harm caused by extractive industries.”

Mark Hefflinger, communications director for Bold Alliance:
“We’re excited to launch the next phase of Solar XL and continue to build our clean energy future while standing together to protect our water and land. The new Solar XL installations in Nebraska and South Dakota add to the existing resistance in the path of KXL that also includes the Ponca sacred corn planted inside the route along the historic “Trail of Tears,” the #NoKXL Solar Energy Barn, and Rosebud Sioux Spirit Camp in South Dakota.”


  • View the fundraising campaign here
  • View and download photos of Indigenous leaders in South Dakota and farmers and ranchers in Nebraska here for use by media with attribution.
  • Read the entire news release and additional quotes here.

Photo: Diana and “Stix” Steskal’s Prairierose Farm near Atkinson, Nebraska on Saturday, September 16, 2017. Credit: Alex Matzke / Bold Nebraska

From Nebraska to Federal Court, the Sierra Club Keeps Up the Fight on Keystone XL

By Doug Hayes and Ken Winston, Compass

It’s been a long road in the fight to protect our land, water, communities, and climate from TransCanada’s proposed Keystone XL tar sands pipeline. Right now, a focus of the fight is what is happening in the courts, where Sierra Club and our allies are continuing our work to stop this terrible project.

In November, the Nebraska Public Service Commission (PSC) dealt TransCanada a major setback by rejecting the company’s preferred route through the state and instead approving an alternate route. Though an outright rejection would have been the best outcome, this was still a victory for our side. TransCanada had previously called the alternate route unworkable, and the PSC’s decision creates new legal issues, raises new environmental review questions, and affects a whole new set of landowners who have not agreed to let TransCanada build on their land. Click here to continue reading.

Photo: Nebraska landowners and supporters celebrating completion of a Solar XL project.
Solar XL – Scroll down for photos of projects.




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Another Nebraska family installs solar panels in path of Keystone XL pipeline

By Lisa Neff, The Wisconsin Gazette

The “Solar XL” project has completed another installation of solar panels with Nebraska landowners in the path of the proposed Keystone XL pipeline — on the family land of Diana and Byron “Stix” Steskal that they named Prairierose Farm, near Atkinson.

The family partnered with Solar XL project sponsors Bold Nebraska, 350.org, Indigenous Environmental Network, CREDO and Oil Change International to put renewable energy directly in the pipeline’s path. Read more here.