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Viewpoint: Solar energy preserves farmlands and boosts economic growth

By Gary Haynes, Lansing State Journal

Gary Haynes is a fifth generation Michigan farmer with fields in three counties, including Eaton County, which is considering whether solar panels will be allowed on farmland.

My family has farmed for five generations in mid-Michigan. Today I grow corn, wheat and soybeans in Eaton, Ingham and Jackson Counties. Like anyone in agriculture, I believe farmland should be preserved for the future and that we should do all we can to protect our air, land and water for future generations. In addition, we should seek opportunities to bring new jobs and new investment to rural communities throughout Michigan. Solar energy is one way to fulfill all of those goals. Right now, Eaton County is considering whether solar panels will be allowed on farmland in the county, and for multiple reasons, this is simply the right thing to do. First, solar energy and farmland preservation go hand in hand. Click here to continue reading.

Photo by Rob Davis, Fresh Energy


More Than 5,000 US Schools Have Solar Power Installations

Trump’s Solar Tariffs Go Into Effect Today. So What?

Joshua Rhodes, Contributor, Forbes

While it’s true that there is likely to be some short-term pain for solar PV installers, and the tariffs may well cost some solar PV installation jobs (currently the fast-growing job in the U.S., which could take a 23,000-job hit), this reduction is likely to be jobs that would have been created in the near future but now will not be, not layoffs of current installers.

If we look at what the tariff will add to the cost of electricity produced by new utility-scale solar PV across the U.S., it appears that, given the three factors noted [in the article], the cost will be $1-$2/MWh ($0.001-$0.002/kWh) higher than it would have been, depending on location. For residential PV, the pain will be even lower because the panels themselves make up less of the total overall cost of the entire system. Read more here.

Joshua D. Rhodes, PhD is a Research Fellow at the Energy Institute and the Webber Energy Group at the University of Texas at Austin.

Flickr Photo: Solar power in the California Desert

Currently-Available Incentives
Taking into consideration presently-available incentives such as the 30% federal solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC), which is also time-sensitive; the immediate depreciation of equipment allowed businesses in the new tax law; LES’s Customer-Owned Generation capacity payments: These and other incentives put solar tariffs into greater perspective, especially when evaluating the cost of solar over the long-term.

Nebraska and Iowa Databases of Incentives

Clean Energy Jobs Now Outnumber Coal, Gas Jobs in 30 US States

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Madison solar firms picked for group buy program

By Bill Novak, Wisconsin State Journal

A sample system shown on Midwest Solar Power’s website would cost $13,000, but that would be cut almost in half through federal tax credits, rebates and the group buy. The group purchase program is run by the non-profit RENEW Wisconsin Inc. on behalf of the city of Madison with support from Middleton. Read the entire article here.

Photo Credit: RENEW Wisconsin