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Winnebago Tribe sees power from solar energy as boost to sovereignty

By Kevin Abourezk indianz, Sioux City Journal

It’s a battle for energy independence that can best be seen in the black solar panels that the tribe has installed on rooftops and in fields. Since 2008, the tribe has installed nearly 1,000 solar panels. They’ve put them on rooftops, until space became a problem, and recently built a solar farm in a field on the northern edge of the tribe’s reservation. Continue reading here.

Ho-Chunk Inc Photo: Solar array at Ho-Chunk Inc’s Corporate Offices in Winnebago

Fremonters encouraged to get on waiting list for second solar farm

Tammy Real-McKeighan, News Editor, Fremont Tribune

The first solar farm is sold out, but local residents are encouraged to go to Fremont Department of Utilities and get their names on a waiting list for the second solar farm. So far, 22 people are on that waiting list. The size of the next farm would be determined by the participants on the list, said Lottie Mitchell, executive assistant to the Fremont City Administrator. Read more here.

Photo: Fremont’s community solar farm might look similar to the one in Central City. The farm is nearing the construction phase and is set to go online in January. Credit: Central City, Nebraska