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SAVE THE DATE! Tim Dwight – Nebraskans for Solar’s November Speaker

Tim DwightTim Dwight, former professional football player in the National Football League (NFL) for ten seasons, was born and raised in Iowa City, where he played college football for the University of Iowa. He retired from the NFL in 2007, and in 2008 seized the opportunity to invest in Integrated Power Corporation. Based in Novato, California, the company develops solar energy projects for businesses and agricultural producers.

The success and growth of Integrated Power Corporation compelled Tim to bring that business model to his home state. He now divides his time about equally between Iowa and California. He is also President of the Iowa Solar Energy Trade Association, and in that role, beginning in 2009, has spent a significant amount of time advocating for solar to the Iowa State Legislature.

In this presentation, Tim will showcase Iowa’s growing solar industry and the factors contributing to a clean energy economy in his home state. He provides a unique perspective on what Iowa has accomplished and on what is possible in states like Iowa and Nebraska, both of which have huge solar energy / economic development potential.

“Each day I see how clean energy and growing the economy go hand in hand. A clean energy economy is what America needs to live sustainably.”

The public is invited to this event, including high school and college students. It will be held on November 9, 2016 at UNO’s Community Engagement Center, 6001 Dodge Street, Combined Rooms 201/205/209. Refreshments will be served. Reserved parking is available in the lot in front of the Community Engagement Center, near the Durham Bell Tower, and adjacent lots. Additional parking is available in Elmwood Park’s lots.

The Iowa Solar Energy Trade Association is a professional organization dedicated to promoting excellence in safety, quality of workmanship and technical standards for the benefit of the solar photovoltaic industry and their clients in the state of Iowa through public policy, public relations, marketing and education. For more information, visit Iowa Solar Energy Trade Association’s website: www.iowaseta.org

From kick returns to solar panels: Tim Dwight’s life as solar energy advocate

From kick returns to solar panels: Tim Dwight’s life as solar energy advocate

Former NFL player Tim Dwight is currently the President of the Iowa Solar Energy Trade Association.

By Melissa Jacobs, Sports Illustrated


Former athletes frequently invest in businesses, oftentimes carrying a portfolio that cascades industries and can be seen as vanity projects. By fully dedicating himself to solar energy, Dwight took a road far less traveled. In 1998 he moved to California to help Integrated Power Corp. build upon its track record of successful solar projects. One standout example is a new solar array atop the consolidated car rental facility at San Jose’s Mineta Airport, which provides 20% of its power, reducing fossil fuels. Dwight notes the added benefit of solar in a seismic area like San Jose—you get power faster after a natural disaster, as well as cleaner water.The growth and success of solar power in California and other states inspired Dwight to spread it to his home state of Iowa. He moved back in 2011 and now splits his time 50/50 between Iowa and California. Click here to read more.

Photo: Courtesy of Tim Dwight

Iowa county moves ahead with 560-panel solar array that will produce 5 million kilowatt hours

Photo of a solar farm in Kalona, Iowa: Farmers Electric Cooperative (FEC)

Solar farm in Kalona, Iowa: Farmers Electric Cooperative (FEC)

By Robin Baumgarn, Grand Forks Herald

Osceola Electric Cooperative (REC) is in the process of creating a community solar park near Hawkeye Point, north of Sibley . . . The park is expected to yield an output of 5,425,866.2 kilowatt hours over the course of 20 years, according to the cooperative. Members of REC have the option to purchase the electricity created by the panels at a one-time cost of $850 per panel.

Read the entire story here

Globe Gazette’s Capitol Digest, by Thom Thoma. (Scroll down to the post)
: A Senate subcommittee unanimously approved a bill to expand solar energy tax credits in Iowa from $5 million to $7.5 million per year. Sen. Rob Hogg, D-Cedar Rapids, said the state has provided $11.6 million in tax credits to support 1,821 projects in 92 counties, which has leveraged $85 million in investment. Also, he said 700 jobs have been created in Iowa’s solar energy industry.

Midwest Energy News, Program aims to grow on-bill financing in Iowa and Minnesota, by Karen Uhlenhuth: A program in Minnesota and Iowa aims to make it easier for small utilities and co-ops to help customers finance clean-energy projects. The Minnesota-based McKnight Foundation gave a two-year, $150,000 grant to the Environmental and Energy Study Institute (EESI) to support the development of on-bill financing that would help households to reduce energy use, or to generate their own power.

Solar shines at the Iowa State Capitol

An article posted by the Iowa Environmental Council on March 16, 2015, reports that Iowa Governor Branstad and the President of the Iowa Solar Energy Trade Association (ISETA), Tim Dwight, recently gathered at the State Capitol with solar energy installers and manufacturers, renewable energy advocates and customers to celebrate Iowa’s fourth annual Solar Day, hosted by ISETA.

“Solar started with a small base and has taken off,” said Governor Branstad during remarks to the crowd. “Solar is another area that Iowa can be an innovator and a leader . . . ”

” . . . A few years ago, solar in the U.S. was being installed every four minutes. Today, solar is being installed every 90 seconds,” Dwight said. “Solar has seen huge growth, and Iowa is getting on the map.”

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Iowa Energy Trade Association www.iowaseta.org