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Nebraska lawmakers hear testimony on Sen. Larson’s bills on wind power, shared solar

By Cole Epley, Omaha World-Herald

LINCOLN — Nebraska’s solar energy potential ranks among the top 15 states, but residents who lack a home with a south-facing roof, or those in a homeowners association that prohibits solar panels, have been left in the shade. And despite fervent opposition to wind development in parts of the state like Cherry County in the Sand Hills, some communities and landowners are clamoring for wind turbines, which are a revenue stream during tight times on the farm. A pair of proposals from State Sen. Tyson Larson of O’Neill aim to give some relief: Continue reading.

Photo: Wind turbines on the Brockhaus farm near Creston, Nebraska. Credit: Matt Dixon / The World-Herald


Cities and States Lead on Climate Change

By Jeff Biggers, Opinion, The New York Times


By 2020, thanks to MidAmerican Energy’s planned $3.6 billion addition to its enormous wind turbine operations, 85 percent of its Iowa customers will be electrified by clean energy. Meanwhile, Moxie Solar, named the fastest-growing local business by The Corridor Business Journal of Iowa, is installing solar panels on my house, and is part of a solar industry that now employs 200,000 nationwide . . . With or without significant federal support, reducing greenhouse gas emissions will require major private investment, as it has here in Iowa, and ambitious private-public initiatives from mayors and governors. We need to activate a new era of “regenerative” cities and states . . . Over 10,000 climate initiatives are underway in cities worldwide, according to the C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group, which represents 80 major cities. Read more. Photo of a wind turbine in Adair, Iowa by Charlie Neibergal / Associated Press



Jeff Biggers is the author of Reckoning at Eagle Creek: The Secret Legacy of Coal in the Heartland, and the founder of the Climate Narrative Project at the University of Iowa.

The Climate Narrative Project is a special initiative in the Office of Sustainability at the University of Iowa, designed to reach across academic disciplines and chronicle regenerative approaches to energy, food, agriculture, water and waste management, community planning and transportation.



  • Nebraska needs own climate plan, by the Lincoln Journal Star Editorial Board
    Thirty-four states have adopted climate action plans, according to a special legislative committee chaired by Sens. Ken Haar of Malcolm and Tyson Larson of O’Neill. A preliminary report shared at a legislative preview with incoming senators said the committee “heard one universally supported recommendation, which was the need to create a climate action plan for the State of Nebraska.” The preliminary report concluded, “The University of Nebraska Lincoln has the background, staff resources and expertise to create such a plan. The plan should be based on empirical evidence and Nebraska-based data, developed through outreach to the public and coordination with public and private sector interests.” The proposal is sensible and prudent. We hope that senators follow through. Read the entire editorial here.

Calling for commitment to renewable energy

By Nick Gebhart, North Platte Bulletin 

Nebraska State Capitol

Sens. Ken Haar of Malcolm and Tyson Larson of O’Neill heard testimony Wednesday from leaders from around the state calling for a response to the growing threat of climate change and an increase in energy from renewable resources . . . A group of students and faculty from Omaha North High School were at the hearing and a student, Gabriel Runyon, testified. Runyon said committing to renewable resources and stopping the effects of climate change were important to his generation. Haar thanked him for testifying, and said that more young people should speak out, because elected officials would listen. Read more.

Press Release from the Office of Senator Ken Haar: Opportunities for Nebraskans


Senator Tyson Larson and Senator Ken Haar, co-chairs of the LR 455 Committee of the Legislature, announced a series of hearings about Opportunities for Nebraskans related to affordable energy efficiency and renewable energy development for communities, businesses and homes. Hearings will be held September 27th at the Broken Bow Middle School and September 28th at the State Capitol in Lincoln. Topics for the hearings will be solar energy development and energy financing, with a particular emphasis on PACE (Property Assessed Clean Energy).

  • On September 27th at 10 a.m. in Broken Bow, the committee will hear presentations on energy financing, including PACE and will follow with solar energy development at 1:30 p.m.
  • On September 28th beginning at 9 a.m. in room 1525 of the State Capitol, the committee will hear about solar energy development followed by energy financing, including PACE beginning at 1:30 p.m. At both sites, the hearings will begin with presentations from experts invited to share their knowledge of the topics at hand, and then will be opened up for testimony from the public.

“These hearings are about opportunities,” said Senator Ken Haar. “We want Nebraskans to learn how they can reduce their energy bills through developing PACE programs or using other financing programs from the Nebraska Energy Office to make their homes and businesses more energy efficient. PACE and the Energy Office programs can also provide financing for renewable energy projects, including helping people put up solar panels.”

“We also want to make people aware of the opportunities for solar development,” said Senator Tyson Larson. “We are just beginning to scratch the surface of the possibilities for solar energy in Nebraska. It is very exciting to hear about all the new renewable energy developments happening in our state.”

PACE is a new program authorized by the 2016 Legislature. It authorizes municipalities to set up programs to finance energy efficiency and renewable energy projects for businesses and homes in which the projects are paid off through an assessment on the property where the project is located. There are many attractive aspects of PACE programs, including the ability to finance projects that may have more upfront cost but provide more long-term benefits. In addition, PACE programs can provide one-stop service that encompasses financing, contracting and repayment through one program.

For more information contact Ken Winston, Legislative Aide to Senator Ken Haar, 402-471-2673 or kwinston@leg.ne.gov