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Powering America with a More Sustainable Energy Future

USDA Results Interview With Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack


USDA has been working closely with farmers and ranchers to make critical investments in renewable fuels, from manufacturing facilities to storage tanks and dispensing pumps, and bio-based products, including research breakthroughs and enhanced product visibility. Even in rural businesses or on the farm, USDA has supported significant deployments of solar and wind power systems, anaerobic digesters, and energy efficiency solutions. These USDA investments have created remarkable momentum in rural economic growth. Read more.

Photo: Some of the solar panels at Seldom Rest Farm located north of Myerstown, Pennsylvania. The farm was awarded a $152,000 grant (25% of the cost) to install the
1000-kilowatt solar array to power their farm, a neighboring farm and homes on the local electrical grid. Flickr image.