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As Nebraska Public Power celebrates 50 years, Scottsbluff solar project goes online

By Jerry Purvis, Scottsbluff Star-Herald

It was Nathan Johnson’s last official day as Scottsbluff city manager as he joined city officials and representatives from Nebraska Public Power District to cut the ribbon on the community’s new solar energy facility. NPPD Account Manager Terry Rajewich welcomed the public to the ceremony at the Landers Soccer Complex north of Scottsbluff.

“Partnerships are what we’re about,” Rajewich said. “NPPD is turning 50 this year and Scottsbluff has been with us for the past 46 years. They were the first to express an interest in purchasing more of its power from solar generation.” Continue reading here.

City moves toward solar energy

By Jerry Purvis, Scottsbluff Star-Herald

SCOTTSBLUFF — Scottsbluff could realize some of the lowest electric rates in the nation under an agreement that will bring solar power to all city operations. During its Monday meeting, council members approved a lease agreement with Sol Systems, LLC as part of the city’s five-megawatt solar power project. Sol Systems would then enter into an energy purchase agreement with Nebraska Public Power District for distribution of the solar electricity.
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NPPD Photo: Scottsbluff Community Solar Project. Through NPPD’s SunWise Program, a total of 135 solar shares were available. Each solar share = 150 kilowatt-hours per month, the minimum participation level. The maximum participation level was the number of solar shares equal to 80% of a customer’s total annual energy consumption. For example, if a customer used an average of 1,000 kilowatt hours per month, 80% = 750 kilowatt-hours or up to five solar shares. All 135 solar shares were spoken for, and customers are now placed on a wait-list. See Solar Examples for additional details.

Recently Reposted by the Clean Energy Finance Forum: Small Decisions Move Clean Energy Forward in Nebraska

South Sioux City Solar Farm: 2.3-megawatt array (1,200 panels) located on a 21-acre solar park south of the city, alongside C Avenue. The array generates enough energy to provide 5% of South Sioux City’s electrical needs. This is the first Nebraska project for California-based developer Solar City, a Tesla Motors subsidiary.
Archived News StorySolar is South Sioux City’s latest investment in renewables, Sioux City Journal
Photo Credit: Tim Hynds, Sioux City Journal



Oranges on the high plains? North Platte planning to construct solar-powered, geothermal-heated greenhouse

By Steve Frederick, Scottsbluff Star Herald

The [North Platte Natural Resources District] is raising funds for a solar-powered, geothermal-heated greenhouse, sunk 4 feet into the ground over a network of ducts circulating 54-degree air warmed by the earth. The greenhouse would measure 126 by 17 feet and stand 14 feet high, said NRD Assistant Manager Barb Cross, who is overseeing the project. General Manager John Berge conceived the project, which will include an outdoor learning facility, to promote NRD’s research and education missions . . . Solar power will provide the $500 worth of electricity needed each year to run the fans. The greenhouse panels will be made of impact-resistant Lexan plastic, manufactured in Alliance . . . Practical experience will be provided by intern Jenifer Berge Sauter, who will operate the greenhouse, and by Russ Finch of Alliance, who has been growing a variety of plants, including citrus trees, in his own greenhouse for about 25 years. Click here to learn more.

Photo: Jenifer Berge Sauter, left, and Barb Cross visit the site of a future greenhouse where the North Platte Natural Resources District plans to grow fruits and vegetables for local food banks. The structure, part of a 1.6-acre educational facility, is set to be built next spring. Credit: Steve Frederick / Scottsbluff Star Herald


  • Geothermal Heat Could Warm Up Local Food Production In The Midwest, by Harvest Public Media Editor Grant Gerlock, KCUR
    Russ Finch of Alliance, Nebraska designed his first geothermal greenhouse two decades ago. Photo Credit: Grant Gerlock / Harvest Public Media
  • YouTube Video, Harvest Public Media:  Can the Midwest Grow Citrus?
    Russ Finch lives in northwestern Nebraska in the town of Alliance. He designed and built ‘The Greenhouse in the Snow,’ a greenhouse that runs only on a small fan that circulates geothermal heat. Using energy costs of about one dollar a day, Russ produces hundreds of pounds of citrus fruit every year to sell at local farmer’s markets.

Community solar now available in Scottsbluff

By Spike Jordan, Scottsbluff Star Herald 

Along with GenPro, Central City-based developer Mesner Development Company worked with NPPD and the City of Scottsbluff to make the project a reality. “When we did this project, we ran the numbers past somebody in California,” Cliff Mesner of Mesner Development said. “He said we were showing as much solar gain in Scottsbluff as we get in the Mojave desert.”
Read the entire news story here.

Photo: Scottsbluff Mayor Randy Meininger cuts the ribbon for Nebraska Public Power District’s new community solar project outside NPPD’s Scottsbluff office Tuesday. Meininger is flanked by representatives from the Scottsbluff / Gering United Chamber of Commerce, NPPD employees and the project’s representatives and shareholders. Credit: Spike Jordan / Scottsbluff Star Herald

NPPD’s Community Solar Program

Community Solar project begins in Scottsbluff

Written by Irene North, Scottsbluff Star Herald


An historic groundbreaking took place on Wednesday for the Scottsbluff Community Solar Project, the first of its kind in the Panhandle. In July 2015, the Nebraska Public Power District (NPPD) chose Scottsbluff as the pilot city for its community solar project in part because there is plenty of land and sunshine. NPPD and the city have also had a strong relationship over the years, and both entities felt working together would go smoothly. Continue reading.

Photo credit: Irene North / Scottsbluff Star Herald

SunWise: NPPD’s Pilot Community Solar Program 

Community Solar Project breaking ground Wednesday

Published by the Scottsbluff Star Herald


An official groundbreaking for the Scottsbluff Community Solar Project on Wednesday will begin the physical work on a project that’s been in the works for nearly two years. The public is invited to the event, which will eventually see a 128-killowatt solar array in the area, providing greener electricity to the city.  Click here for additional details.

SunWise Community Solar

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South Sioux City approves hydroelectric turbine application

By Alex Boisjolie, Sioux City Journal

To lower rates for residential and business customers and add more renewable sources of power, the South Sioux City municipal utility has spent the last few years moving to diversify its mix of wholesale power. In January 2015, the city council voted to reduce by 30 percent the power it gets from its longtime partner, Nebraska Public Power District, starting Jan. 1, 2018. The city’s contract with the state’s largest utility is scheduled to expire in 2021. Click to read more.

Photo Credit: Jim Lee / Sioux City Journal

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Focus groups provide direction on solar energy

By Irene North, Scottsbluff Star Herald

Nebraska Public Power District (NPPD) aimed to on learn the thoughts of its customers and gather input on a proposed solar project during focus groups held in Scottsbluff and Kearney this week.

Key Takeaways from NPPD Focus groups:

  • Scottsbluff could be the site of a community solar project, ideally positioned to get the biggest benefit from the sun.
  • Homeowners and renters are eligible for the program. A pilot project in Scottsbluff would involve 20 homes.
  • More education is needed on solar energy, terminology.
  • Solar energy to be one aspect of “diverse portfolio.” NPPD hopes to have project operating by January 2017.

Read the entire news story.

Bright outlook for community solar project

By Irene North, Scottsbluff Star-Herald

Photo Illustrating a 100-kilowatt community solar project

Photo Illustrating a 100-kilowatt community solar project

The City of Scottsbluff and Nebraska Public Power District (NPPD) continue to pursue a community solar project and define how the program will work. NPPD filed a letter of intent for the project on Jan. 4 to document the process between NPPD and the city so they can continue working toward formalizing their arrangement . . . The City of Scottsbluff will have the right to exit the agreement if the Nebraska State Legislature does not adopt renewable energy incentives in LB 423 or if the developer fails to be awarded a USDA REAP grant for the project.  Read more