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Bright outlook for community solar project

By Irene North, Scottsbluff Star-Herald

Photo Illustrating a 100-kilowatt community solar project

Photo Illustrating a 100-kilowatt community solar project

The City of Scottsbluff and Nebraska Public Power District (NPPD) continue to pursue a community solar project and define how the program will work. NPPD filed a letter of intent for the project on Jan. 4 to document the process between NPPD and the city so they can continue working toward formalizing their arrangement . . . The City of Scottsbluff will have the right to exit the agreement if the Nebraska State Legislature does not adopt renewable energy incentives in LB 423 or if the developer fails to be awarded a USDA REAP grant for the project.  Read more

This week new state laws go into effect, including a minimum wage increase and a renewable energy tax

Associated Press / Posted on Omaha.Com 

Photo Illustrating Scottsbluff, Nebraska Community Solar Project

Photo Illustrating Scottsbluff, Nebraska Community Solar Project

Excerpt: Renewable Energy Tax

Facilities that produce solar, biomass and landfill gas energy will face one less obstacle that could hinder the industry’s growth in Nebraska. A new state law will require facilities to pay a nameplate capacity tax, similar to one already imposed on wind energy, instead of a personal property tax. The nameplate capacity tax is on an energy facility’s potential output. County governments and project developers both generally prefer it over the personal property tax because it provides a consistent revenue stream for counties and lowers upfront costs for a facility’s owners. Read more here.


Scottsbluff Star Herald Editor

community solar project, Renewable Energy Magazine

community solar project, Renewable Energy Magazine

Scottsbluff City looks for individuals or businesses to step up

Nebraska Public Power District has chosen Scottsbluff as a pilot city for its Community Solar Project, which would allow people to connect to a distribution center and generate their own power.

People wouldn’t have to put the panels on their rooftops and NPPD would be the sole purchaser of the energy. Tim Arlt, general manager of NPPD Retail, told the Scottsbluff City Council, “Scottsbluff was chosen because it’s a hub for NPPD in our western operation. We have a large presence here and there is land available at our current location that can be used.”

All interests and site suggestions need to be made by Aug. 10. To provide input on the project, contact Rick Kuckkahn, Scottsbluff City Manager, at 308-630-6213 or rkuckkahn@scottsbluff.org.

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