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Viewpoint: Solar energy preserves farmlands and boosts economic growth

By Gary Haynes, Lansing State Journal

Gary Haynes is a fifth generation Michigan farmer with fields in three counties, including Eaton County, which is considering whether solar panels will be allowed on farmland.

My family has farmed for five generations in mid-Michigan. Today I grow corn, wheat and soybeans in Eaton, Ingham and Jackson Counties. Like anyone in agriculture, I believe farmland should be preserved for the future and that we should do all we can to protect our air, land and water for future generations. In addition, we should seek opportunities to bring new jobs and new investment to rural communities throughout Michigan. Solar energy is one way to fulfill all of those goals. Right now, Eaton County is considering whether solar panels will be allowed on farmland in the county, and for multiple reasons, this is simply the right thing to do. First, solar energy and farmland preservation go hand in hand. Click here to continue reading.

Photo by Rob Davis, Fresh Energy


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