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Green Benefits: Companies Now Offer Solar Energy Programs for Employees

by Rosalind Jackson, Vote Solar – Posted on Renewable Energy World.Com

Vote Solar may be best known for our work advocating for state-level policy, but we’ve also been hard at work helping tackle solar soft costs head on through our GroupEnergy program. Our take on the solarize community purchasing model focuses on helping existing groups — think coworkers, clubs or congregations — pool their collective buying power to go solar at home.

We’ve seen particularly strong interest from major employers who want to take sustainability beyond the boardroom and into their broader communities. Participating companies get to offer a great employee benefit (solar), the employees get to navigate the process of going solar together (making it easier and more affordable), and the solar industry gets to serve a group of customers at once, reducing those nefarious customer acquisition soft costs. It builds solar awareness and lowers solar’s price tag in one fell swoop.

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San Francisco’s SunShares Program. In their group purchasing program, solar installations cost $3.50 per installed watt, the same as at least four Nebraska solar professionals charge.