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Battery Energy Storage Caucus Launches to Bipartisan Support in Congress

PR-Newswire-logoRepresentatives Collins (R-NY) and Takano (D-CA) Form Caucus to Expand Energy Storage


“Across the nation, states are facing an aging electrical grid that is increasingly unprepared to handle the demands of modern businesses and consumers,” said Rep. Collins. “Energy storage technology is uniquely suited to address infrastructure and energy challenges we face in the United States. The battery storage industry is creating new businesses and providing new jobs to the U.S. economy, and American companies are leading the way globally.”

“Energy storage is modernizing the grid and enabling new economic possibilities, saving businesses and consumers money,” said Rep. Takano. “In Southern California, energy storage is proving to be a transformative technology for our utilities and grid operators. It is a key component of our strategy for replacing retiring generation and managing grid congestion, as well as a critical asset for expanding solar, wind and other renewable energy resources.”

Read the entire news release here.