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Rural and rust belt America: wind power is ready to help

Written by Greg Alvarez, American Wind Energy Association Blog, Into the Wind

Wind farms increase local tax revenue, providing small-town America with resources to fix roads, build hospitals, and buy new emergency equipment. It’s been a huge boon for local schools . . . Wind power is now cost-competitive in many areas of the country with all other sources of electricity, saving consumers money on their electric bills and hedging against rising prices for fuel. All forms of energy have incentives, most of them permanent in the tax code.


The federal incentive for wind power is already being phased out starting on Jan. 1, having succeeded in creating a new low-cost solution for America’s power needs.

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An open letter to President-elect Trump on clean energy


Written by Ron Pernick and Clint Wilder. Published by GreenBiz

Dear President-elect Trump,

For nearly two decades, we’ve been tracking and chronicling the transition to a clean-energy economy. While we know that we don’t see eye-to-eye with you on all of the issues, we wanted to send you the following “open letter” to update you on the clean-energy business opportunity, and what you might do as president to enable a massive infrastructure build out which supports American jobs and home-grown energy. Continue reading.

Ron Pernick is Founder and Managing Director and Clint Wilder is Senior Editor of Clean Edge Inc. Photo: Kaiser Permanente solar installation. Credit: First Solar

OTHER VOICES: Wind energy: It’s good business, by Debi Durham, former president of the Siouxland Chamber of Commerce and currently director of the Iowa Economic Development Authority. Published by the Sioux City Journal

Southwest Minnesota celebrates newest wind farm completion

By Julie Buntjer, Daily Globe


Over the course of the next 20 years, the Odell Wind Farm is anticipated to have a $50 million direct impact on the local economy, from payments to participating landowners in excess of $1.1 million per year, tax revenue to counties and townships of approximately $850,000 per year, and a $40,000 per year contribution to the Odell Community Fund to be used to support charitable activities and opportunities to the entire community touched by the Odell Wind Farm. In addition, the completion of the wind farm resulted in the creation of 15 full-time jobs. As the wind farm was under construction, an estimated $10 million was spent locally in living expenses by the approximately 200 construction workers. Read more.

Photo: Landowners and area leaders gathered Wednesday to celebrate the commercial operation date for the Odell Wind Farm. Credit: Julie Buntjer/Daily Globe

At Iowa forum, U.S. energy secretary stresses security: Moniz praises state’s leadership in ‘clean energy revolution’

By Rod Boshart, The Gazette 

MonizDES MOINES — U.S. Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz opened a two-day swing through Iowa on Friday by praising the state’s leadership in “this clean energy revolution” with its emphasis on wind, solar and biofuels that will aid in reducing dependence on foreign oil and bolster energy security. Moniz said he was impressed by Gov. Terry Branstad’s expectation that 40 percent of Iowa’s electricity would come from wind energy by 2020, and he called Iowa “forward-looking” in coupling its low-cost, reliable energy with economic development. Read more. Photo Credit: Reuters

Community Solar Garden Helps Power Cedar Falls, Iowa Public Radio
The US is actually leading the way on clean energy, Tech Insider 
NV Energy expands Green Energy Rider program to large customers, Utility Dive
TEP Receives Approval to Develop Innovative Energy Storage Facilities, Business Wire

Governors Sign Energy Policy Pledge

By Steve Johnson, Electric Co-op Today Staff Writer / Editor’s Pick, Energy & Environment

Terry BranstadGovernors’ Accord for a New Energy Future: www.governorsnewenergyfuture.org

The governors said they will direct senior advisers to meet shortly to discuss ways to implement the goals in the accord. “We believe that economic growth and environmental protection aren’t mutually exclusive, but can happen in concert—we can indeed create good paying jobs, lower electricity bills for residents, and embrace greener, cleaner forms of energy,” said Gov. Dannel Malloy of Connecticut, a Democrat.

Click here to read three of the governors’ priorities highlighted in the article. 

Photo: Republican Terry Branstad of Iowa, the nation’s longest-serving governor, is among signatories to the Governors’ Accord for a New Energy Future.  

Creighton University’s Thursday Screening of the Documentary: “This Changes Everything”

Click image to view trailer.

Click image to view trailer.

Creighton University invites the public to a screening of the film, This Changes Everything, on Thursday, November 19th from 7 to 9 PM in the Harper Center, Room 3028. The documentary’s theme surrounds the concepts that are intertwined into the paradigm of climate change, the necessity of clean energy strategies, with a focus on current economic models.

Creighton University’s Energy Science Club will have a brief introductory session, followed by the 90-minute screening and an approximately 20-minute panel presentation by Creighton students and faculty.

Sponsored by the Creighton University Committee on Lectures, Films and Concerts & Creighton’s Energy Science Club. For more information, please contact: GunnarNelson@Creighton.Edu

New York Times Review of Naomi Klein’s book, This Changes Everything

Google Map of the Harper Center

Local View: Nebraska needs its own Clean Power Plan

By Ken Haar, Lincoln Journal Star Ken Haar

It would be irresponsible for Nebraska to punt the design of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Clean Power Plan for Nebraska to the federal government. There are those who want to fight it or just wait for the federal government to impose a plan rather than determine how we can use it to our advantage. That’s like punting right after receiving the kickoff rather than giving your offense a chance to score. We wouldn’t do that in football, and we shouldn’t do it with EPA’s Clean Power Plan. Instead, the state of Nebraska should create its own compliance plan — one that takes advantage of opportunities that can benefit us.

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3 Ways the Clean Power Plan Will Strengthen Our Economy

By Jim Marston, Vice President, Clean Energy, Environmental Defense Fund
Contributor to Forbes News

Photo: Duke Energy

Photo: Duke Energy

EPA’s Clean Power Plan provides states with tremendous flexibility in deciding how to achieve their emission reduction targets, in ways that build upon our already-thriving clean energy economy. Most states have already taken great strides towards meeting the Clean Power Plan’s targets, making them well-positioned to meet regulations by the newly-extended 2022 deadline. Whether a state’s economy thrives is a matter of the choices by state policy makers.

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