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Amidst Keystone XL Fight, Nebraska Farmers Give 10 Acres Back to the Ponca Nation

Written by Twilight Greenaway, Civil Eats

A few weeks ago, officials from the TransCanada Corporation drove two sets of wooden stakes, each fastened with about a yard of bright orange flagging tape, into the ground along two sides of Art Tanderup’s farm. But Tanderup, a retired school teacher whose Neligh, Nebraska farm sits right on the preferred route for the proposed Keystone XL pipeline, took TransCanada’s latest chess move in stride. Continue reading here. 

Photo by Twilight Greenaway: Signs commemorating a meeting of the Cowboy and Indian Alliance on the Tanderups’ farm in 2015.


70, OPPD Blog, The Wire

WHAT IS IT? The number of turbines that will produce electricity at the Sholes Wind Energy Center in northeast Nebraska.



How refinancing could help retire Colorado coal plants sooner
By Allen Best, Energy News Network

Instead of continuing to operate the aging plants, paying down remaining depreciation, or debt, a utility could instead issue bonds securitized by reliable future sales.



Abby Hopper at SEIA: #ThisIsWhy

The latest SunCast episode syndicated by pv magazine features Abby Hopper’s opening remarks at the Solar Power International Conference.



New Initiative Helps More Schools Go Solar,
Solar Industry

Solar Schools 2025, an initiative of the nonprofit Renewable Nation, is seeking 50 K-12 schools across the U.S. that can “buddy up” with schools that have already gone through the process of installing solar.



Microgrids slowly make inroads in Midwest, with Illinois taking the lead


Commercial rooftop solar racking with one drill bit

Local View: One good way to create American jobs

Editorial written by Lucas Sabalka, Lincoln Journal Star

We are in a time of tremendous change. As President Trump’s term begins, our country is faced with great challenges as well as great opportunities. At the top of the list of problems to tackle is creating good American jobs.

Inextricably linked with job creation and economic growth are the areas of energy and the environment. Continue reading.

Lucas Sabalka is an Applied Mathematician at Nebraska Global.


Here’s how much of the world would need to be covered in solar panels to power Earth

Tech Insider 


As alternative energy technology develops, we are beginning to look at how soon we can wean off of fossil fuels. How much it would cost us to rely 100% on solar energy right now may surprise you. While not achievable now, there are big changes coming that will make alternative energy more feasible.

The Land Art Generator Initiative has done the math, and created a shocking infographic showing how much space it would take. Solar marketplace and consultant company EnergySage calculated how much it would cost, too.

View 2-minute video here
Photo by Getty Images

Renewable energy may be option for Nebraska’s rural electric co-ops

By Jerry Oster, WNAX Yankton, Nebraska Radio Network Contributor

David BrachtSome rural electric co-ops in the state are exploring renewable energy, which could help them reduce costs in months when power demand peaks. Just 10% of power in Nebraska comes from renewable sources like wind and hydroelectricity. Nebraska Energy Office Director David Bracht says a tiny part of that comes from solar, but declining costs are changing that. Continue reading.

To learn more about Nebraska’s rural electric co-ops, visit the website of the Nebraska Rural Electric Association (NREA) www.nrea.org


Eric is President of Nebraskans for Solar

Eric is President of Nebraskans for Solar

Michael Shonka owns Solar Heat and Electric

Michael owns Solar Heat and Electric

Renewable Energy Can Provide Benefits to Nebraska, Midlands Business Journal, May 27, 2016 Edition. Two Nebraskans for Solar board members: Eric Williams and Michael Shonka, are featured. (No article link available. The journal is at local libraries and can be purchased at MBJ’s office).


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