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Illinois Solar for All spreads the wealth to underserved communities

By Kari Lydersen, Midwest Energy News

Illinois Solar for All gives developers the right to sell renewable energy credits for the energy they generate from solar installations they own and operate on the property of businesses, nonprofits, government agencies or other entities. The credits are more valuable than others created under the Future Energy Jobs Act, which helps solar developers deliver guaranteed savings to customers who might not otherwise be able to take advantage of solar. And there are no upfront costs to the customers. Read more here.

Senior Services Plus Photo: Two solar installations, including one on its main facility in Alton, Illinois, will help Senior Services Plus save about $25,000 per year.


OPPD CEO talks about solar path at conferenceby Jason Kuiper



Paris Pullout Won’t Derail State & Local Climate Progress, Natural Resources Defense Council
[Yesterday] the Trump administration began the legal process for withdrawing from the historic Paris Climate Agreement, submitting a letter of intent to the UN Secretary-General. The withdrawal will take effect one year from the date the letter is sent, which will now be November 4, 2020—the day after the 2020 presidential election. On its face, the withdrawal move cedes U.S. leadership on climate to other countries and punctuates the short-sightedness of an administration that consistently prioritizes polluters over people. But Trump cannot disrupt the striking momentum seen in states and cities across the country that are taking up this mantle and both moving toward cleaner, more affordable energy and making progress toward meeting the U.S. Paris carbon reduction agreement goals.

Time to Act on Climate—with Tax Policy!, Natural Resources Defense Council


Growth in US green economy dwarfs that of fossil fuel industrycontributed article by Lucien Georgeson and Mark Maslin, GreenBiz. Our study estimates that revenue in the global green economy was $7.87 trillion in 2016. At $1.3 trillion, the United States made up 16.5 percent of the global market — the largest in the world. Our analysis also suggests that in the United States, nearly 10 times more people were employed in the green economy and its supply chains (9.5 million) than employed directly in the fossil fuel industry (roughly 1 million) — that is, miners, electricity grid workers, infrastructure manufacturers and construction workers. This wide gap comes despite the U.S. fossil fuel industry receiving huge subsidies, estimated at $649 billion in 2015 alone.

Nebraska wind energy to help power 2015 College World Series

By Marjorie Sturgeon


Photo: KMTV

OMAHA, Neb. (KMTV) – Nebraska wind energy will help power the College World Series, organizers say.

The Metropolitan Entertainment and Convention Authority and Omaha Public Power District announced a partnership Thursday to make the CWS a “green powered event.”

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New Report – Leading from the Middle: How Illinois Communities Unleashed Renewable Energy

– from the Introduction:

The vast majority of Americans support the use of renewable energy, with solar and wind enjoying strong support across the political spectrum and in every region of the country. Yet even with renewables now competitively priced, most cities and counties lack access to clean energy options and still cannot choose to buy clean energy. Without access to the energy market, most cities cannot meet their greenhouse gas reduction targets and sustainability goals in a timely and cost-efficient manner.


Cities in Illinois, however, have harnessed a little-known local energy model called Community Choice Aggregation (CCA; also known as municipal aggregation) to switch to clean power and save their ratepayers millions of dollars. In fact, since 2013 over 90 Illinois towns, representing 1.7 million people, transitioned to 100% renewable electricity by using Renewable Energy Credits (RECs).


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