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One Hundred Cities are Leading the Way to 100 Percent Clean Energy

 Written by Mayors Steve Benjamin, Jackie Biskupski,
London Breed, and Kevin Faulconer, Next City OP-ED

Over the past few years, 100 cities and towns across the country — like those we represent: Columbia, S.C.; Salt Lake City, Utah; and San Diego and San Francisco, Calif. — have committed to power our cities on 100 percent clean, renewable energy like solar and wind. Local communities are leading a national movement toward cleaner, cheaper, and more reliable sources of energy, and at the same time demonstrating there is widespread bipartisan support for modernizing our nation’s energy supply.​

Roughly 1 in 7 people — 15 percent of the U.S. population — now lives in a place that is making the transition to 100 percent renewable energy. Big cities like Atlanta and Denver and small towns like Abita Springs, La., and Hanover, N.H. — as well as the entire state of California — share this common purpose. In fact, Republican-led Georgetown, Texas, and five other cities are already running on 100 percent clean energy. Read more here.

Sierra Club Photo: Mayor Steve Benjamin of Columbia, South Carolina is one of the national co-chairs of the Sierra Club’s Mayors for 100% Clean Energy Initiative.


Belfast, Maine mayor joins U.S. officials demanding reduction of fossil fuel usage, Penobscot Bay Pilot. Mayor Samantha Paradis joined with more than 300 mayors, state representatives, and elected officials from 40 states in releasing a letter today calling for a nationwide plan to phase out the production and use of fossil fuels and to ramp up renewable energy as part of a green new deal approach to energy and efficiency.



As 1000+ Institutions Divest, New York State Comptroller DiNapoli Keeps Negotiating With ExxonMobil, 350.Org News Release, Common Dreams




How more EVs on the road can advance a renewable grid, PV Magazine
There’s an alternative future on the horizon, where instead of just drawing power from the grid, electric vehicles become a mobile grid storage resource, with drivers and utilities both reaping the benefits while providing clean power. The author, James Kennedy, engineering director and co-founder of Tritium, runs the company’s research and development team.

Bluestem Energy Solutions conducting renewable-energy study for Edgerton, Wisconsin

By Ashley McCallum, Gazette Xtra

A Nebraska energy company is conducting a feasibility study to find opportunities for renewable energy in Edgerton. The study will analyze energy consumption data provided by the city and determine whether city facilities qualify for renewable-energy development, said City Administrator Ramona Flanigan . . . Flanigan said she hopes the city’s investment will encourage other individuals and businesses to look into renewable-energy sources. Edgerton’s city hall has been powered by solar energy since it was built in 2010. Read more here.

Bluestem Energy Solutions partners with Boyd Jones, a construction company founded in 1924, to engineer and develop renewable energy systems to provide clean energy to their clients.

Bluestem Energy News Releases

Featured Renewable Energy / Climate Action Initiatives in Wisconsin

‘Solar for Good’ offers grants to 16 Wisconsin nonprofit organizations to install solar energy

RENEW Wisconsin Press Release, Urban Milwaukee

RENEW Wisconsin’s Solar for Good program, funded by Deerfield-based philanthropists Cal and Laurie Couillard,  will issue grants to 16 Wisconsin nonprofit organizations that seek to install solar electric systems on their buildings. The 16 grants would support a total of 573 kilowatts (kW) of new solar electric projects, planned for installation in 2018. The total value of all of the solar projects would exceed $1.2 million.

A diverse group of nonprofit organizations expects to receive the solar grants, including a food pantry in Verona, an organization that serves homeless veterans in Racine, and several houses of worship including a mosque, a synagogue, and a church. Each organization seeks to use its grant to install its own solar electric system, based on the energy needs of each facility.
Read more here.


State approves community solar project for Madison utility

IREC Photo from Solar for Everyone: Community Shared Solar Growing Trend (Case Studies).

IREC Photo from Solar for Everyone: Community Shared Solar Growing Trend (Case Studies).

By Thomas Content, Milwaukee – Wisconsin Journal Sentinel

The state Public Service Commission approved Madison Gas and Electric’s plan to launch a community solar pilot project in conjunction with the City of Middleton.

Under the plan, utility customers who want to invest in solar power will be able to obtain half of their annual electricity needs from the solar panels that would be installed at the Middleton municipal operations center.

Read the entire article.

RENEW Wisconsin: Community Solar 

Largest Minnesota solar array wins approval from utility regulators

Source: Minnesota Public Utilities Commmission / Ray Grumney, Star Tribune

Source: Minnesota Public Utilities Commission

By David Shaffer, Star Tribune

It is by far the biggest in a wave of large, ground-mounted solar arrays that energy companies are planning to build across Minnesota in the next few years . . . The Minnesota Solar Energy Industries Association, a trade group, is projecting a 30-fold increase in the state’s solar generating capacity by the end of 2017. Hundreds of large shared-solar projects are planned in rural areas and on the urban fringe, including Wright, Dakota and Washington counties, mostly to serve customers of Xcel, the state’s largest power company. Read the entire story here.

Wizards of Waverly Place Big Bet On Solar Power, by Mike Mullen, City Pages.Com
The city located around 40 miles west of Minneapolis expects to get 100 percent of its energy from the solar garden . . . Waverly signed a 25-year contract to get its municipal energy needs met by the solar project, and [Mayor] Holmes estimates it will save about $400,000 over that time. Other consumers in town took to the idea, too: The garden “plots” quickly sold out, with 80 percent of the subscriptions snatched up by individuals, and the remainder going to the city and commercial businesses.

Community Solar’ Catching In Wisconsin,
by Chuck Quirmbach, Wisconsin Public Radio
Many renters and homeowners in the state don’t live in houses where it’s easy to add solar panels. But according to the group RENEW Wisconsin, last year five Wisconsin utilities added centrally located solar farms and let community members subscribe to the electricity.