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Renewable energy made up 30 percent of OPPD’s retail sales in 2017

By Cole Epley, Omaha World-Herald

Renewable energy primarily derived from wind whistling across the Nebraska plains accounted for 30 percent of the Omaha Public Power District’s retail energy sales in 2017. That marks a significant milestone for the traditionally coal-heavy utility, especially considering that renewables accounted for just 13 percent of OPPD’s retail sales in 2016 . . . The utility has a goal of hiking that portion to 50 percent by 2020. Click here to read the complete news story.

Photo: The Grande Prairie wind farm, the largest wind project in Nebraska history.
Credit: Megan Farmer/The World-Herald


OPPD’s clean energy goals worthy

Grande Prairie Wind Project

Updated U.S. Renewable Energy Map Includes OPPD’s New Green Tariff

The “U.S. Renewable Energy Map: A Guide for Corporate Buyers” reveals where purchasers can access the renewable energy they want at the scale they need through their utility. The map tracks renewable energy purchasing options in different states, including green tariff programs and other utility renewable energy products. Buyers use the map to inform decisions on where to site new facilities, prioritize their renewable energy purchasing strategies, and ultimately meet their clean energy goals. Recognizing the growing demand for renewable energy, states and their utilities use the map to compete for economic development by showcasing available renewable energy products.

The map also compares each product to the Corporate Renewable Energy Buyers’ Principles and includes details from WRI’s Emerging Green Tariffs in U.S. Regulated Electricity Markets publication.

technical note describes the scope and analytical methodology for the renewable energy options identified in the map.