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Opinion: R-Project helps alleviate risk

Written by David Hamilton and Bree Denaeyer
Published by The North Platte Telegraph

We are landowner members of CCWEA and have been promoting the economic opportunities of wind energy development. There are three economic opportunities we will offer detail on:

  • Property tax relief for landowners
  • Landowner lease revenue
  • The third economic opportunity is long-term energy cost.

Learn more here.

David Hamilton of Thedford is vice president of the Cherry County Wind Energy Association, of which Bree Denaeyer is a board member. Both are fourth-generation landowners in Cherry County.


Website: R-Project: NPPD

    NPPD is a member of the Southwest Power Pool, a regional transmission organization. The SPP conducted a study, also known as the Integrated Transmission Plan, to assess the needs of the entire transmission network with the SPP region over the next 10 years. The R-Project is one of numerous projects to come out of that study. If NPPD did not build the R-Project, the SPP would find another entity to do so.
    NPPD is committed to operating in an environmentally responsible manner. We are dedicated to protecting environmental quality while meeting the energy needs of Nebraska. We recognize that how we interact with the environment is of vital importance to you. It is to us, too. That’s why we continuously explore ways to minimize the environmental footprint in all aspects of NPPD’s activities. The landscape of the Sandhills is truly unique, which is why NPPD’s engineering team and environmental experts work together to determine low-impact methods to construct the transmission line. We will employ modern construction techniques when building the line and take precautions around river crossings, creeks, and wetlands.
    NPPD used a thorough and comprehensive public involvement process to site the R-Project transmission line. More than 1,750 individuals attended one of 20 public open houses and public meetings and eight public hearings, providing NPPD with approximately 2,500 comments. The comments were reviewed against more than 50 established line routing criteria that included proximity to occupied residences, towns, villages, and other amenities, plus land use, environmental, engineering, and construction criteria. Learn more here.

Meeting focuses on solar projects

By Todd von Kampen, North Platte Telegraph


BROKEN BOW — Nebraskans may disagree over whether humans are causing climate change, say three state lawmakers, but they’re already seeing changes from all the talk in how they use, get and generate their electricity.

If Nebraskans are wise, the lawmakers declared here Tuesday, they can generate another priceless commodity — rural jobs and economic activity — by tapping the state’s renewable-energy potential and upgrading buildings’ energy efficiency with help from a newly approved financing tool. Click to read more.

Photo: Several solar energy projects have come online in Custer County over the past year, including this 650-kilowatt array on the Blakeman Ranch. Courtesy of Innovative Solar LLC.

“Here comes the sun” – Nebraska’s largest solar project to date

Ribbon cutting was held on Monday March 14, 2016 for the installation of the largest solar array in Nebraska on the Pandorf Land & Cattle Co. ranch northwest of Callaway. Photo: Rural Radio Network

Ribbon-cutting ceremony for the installation of a 600-kilowatt solar array on the Pandorf Land & Cattle Company Ranch northwest of Callaway. This is currently Nebraska’s largest solar project. Photo: Rural Radio Network

By Kamie Stephen, North Platte Telegraph

 “This is a great day for Callaway and Custer County,” said State Sen. Matt Williams during a luncheon that took place before the ribbon cutting.

Lt. Governor Mike Foley also addressed the crowd at the event, saying he was excited about the progress the state is making when it comes to energy. Foley pointed out that with a growing population, it’s going to be important to continue to embrace innovation.

Read more here.

The Pandorf Ranch project was partially funded by a USDA Renewable Energy For America Program (REAP) grant. The deadline for the current round of REAP grant applications is May 2nd. Click here to learn more. 

600 Kilowatt Solar Array Located On Custer County Ranch, by Dave Schroeder, Rural Radio Network / KTIC.  The solar array will generate enough electricity to power 60 homes or from 10 to 12 center pivots. All of the power will be purchased by Custer Public Power District, according to General Manager Rick Nelson. He notes that Custer Power will be purchasing the solar power at similar rate to what they pay to purchase wholesale power from Nebraska Public Power District. Nelson says there’s been a lot of interest from other landowner groups in solar installations.