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Calling for commitment to renewable energy

By Nick Gebhart, North Platte Bulletin 

Nebraska State Capitol

Sens. Ken Haar of Malcolm and Tyson Larson of O’Neill heard testimony Wednesday from leaders from around the state calling for a response to the growing threat of climate change and an increase in energy from renewable resources . . . A group of students and faculty from Omaha North High School were at the hearing and a student, Gabriel Runyon, testified. Runyon said committing to renewable resources and stopping the effects of climate change were important to his generation. Haar thanked him for testifying, and said that more young people should speak out, because elected officials would listen. Read more.

Cost-effective tips to reduce energy use from NPPD

By the North Platte Bulletin


It has been a cool and wet spring in Nebraska, but as the official start of summer June 21 nears, temperatures are starting to rise, accompanied by an increase in electricity usage, which could result in higher than normal electric bills.

Some energy tips from the Nebraska Public Power District:

Click here to check them out.

Note: Nebraskans for Solar supports a comprehensive approach to green energy locally, nationally and globally. Green energy includes renewable sources such as solar, wind, and geothermal, for example, but it also includes energy that is never used as a result of efficiency and conservation measures. As the popular saying goes, “The cleanest and greenest energy of all is energy that is never used.”