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Free Research: “Non-Wires Alternatives: Case Studies from Leading U.S. Projects”

In today’s electricity market, non-wires alternatives are capturing public attention and inspiring decision makers to explore the grid benefits and potential cost savings resulting from integrating new distributed technologies in place of new infrastructure upgrades. As interest grows, industry practitioners are seeking out more information and lessons learned from past and existing NWA projects.

To help shed light on a broad set of NWA projects in the U.S., E4TheFuture, Peak Load Management Alliance and Smart Electric Power Alliance jointly selected 10 NWA case studies and have distilled insights into this report.

What’s in the report:

  • Highlights of 10 NWA case studies and a summary of their key attributes (project size, technologies, key drivers, and grid challenges faced).
  • Policy review of the state of non-wires alternatives.
    Examples of innovative energy solutions to meet today’s grid challenges.
  • Key insights and challenges from the planning, sourcing, and implementation phases.
  • Full-length NWA case studies with additional resources in the Appendix.

The full report detailing selected NWA case studies was funded by E4TheFuture and is available for free to download.

Free Companion Webinar: Non-Wires Alternatives: Insights from the Nation’s Leading NWA Projects, December 6, 2018, 1-2 p.m.

Non-Wires Alternatives: What’s up next in utility business model evolution

Utilities not already considering NWAs in planning processes should
wise up quick, says Navigant analyst Brett Feldman.
Opinion posted on Utility Dive

On May 17, 2017, Bonneville Power Authority (BPA) made an announcement that flew under the radar of most of the energy industry . . . This decision “reflects a shift for BPA—from the traditional approach of primarily relying on new construction to meet changing transmission needs, to embracing a more flexible, scalable and economically and operationally efficient approach to managing our transmission system.” The preferred solution includes resources like battery storage, flow control devices, and demand response. Such projects have become known as non-wires alternatives (NWA), and are proliferating across the country.
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