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NextEra, Nebraska farmers aim to build largest solar farm in the Midwest

Written by Karen Uhlenhuth, Midwest Energy News

NextEra Energy Resources is seeking an interconnection agreement for a massive solar project in northeastern Nebraska that, if built, would be the largest in the Midwest and among the largest in the country. The 423 megawatt project is in the early stages of development and still hinges on how much it will cost to connect to the regional transmission grid. “We’re in a holding pattern until we get clarification from the Southwest Power Pool,” said Phil Clement, NextEra’s project director in Nebraska. “We need to know if it’s viable.” Sean Gallagher, vice president for state affairs for the Solar Energy Industries Association, said the project could be a sign of things to come in the region, which is increasingly attractive for large solar projects.
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Photo by Rob Davis, Fresh Energy

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One up, many more to come

By Laura King-Homan, The Wire, OPPD Blog

Wind turbines will soon dot the fields northwest of Wayne, Neb. The turbines, totaling 71 in all, will make up the Sholes Wind Energy Center. The facility will generate 160 MW of renewable electricity for OPPD customers beginning in 2019. OPPD has entered a 20-year partnership with NextEra Energy Resources, who will own and manage the site. On Nov. 1, representatives from the utility got a peek at the progress made since the groundbreaking ceremony in July. Read more here.

NextEra Photo of Butler Ridge Wind Energy Center wind turbines on a farm in Dodge County, Wisconsin.

Advocates seek bigger role from large companies on grid planning

Written by Karen Uhlenhuth, Energy News Network

The Wind Solar Alliance, a Washington, D.C., nonprofit that advocates for renewable energy, says while American companies and other large customers have expressed a wish for lots of renewable power, and while lots of wind projects are planned to fulfill those wishes, there is a shortage of power lines to get the electricity where it needs to be. A solution, according to Kevin O’Rourke, the director of public affairs for the Alliance, is for corporate customers to lobby their regional transmission organizations (RTOs) to plan transmission lines that will allow corporate customers to move towards renewable generation. Read more here.

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Wind farm proposed for Gage, Lancaster counties

By Scott Koperski, Beatrice Daily Sun News Editor

Plans for a wind farm in northern Gage and southern Lancaster counties that failed to materialize may be resurrected by a different company . . . NextEra anticipates the $141 million project would create around 200 jobs during construction and generate more than $25 million in property taxes over a 30-year period. The company is planning two informational events to discuss the project with the public. The events will both be at the Hallam Auditorium at 15 Main St. in Hallam on Tuesday, Oct. 9 from 5-7 p.m. and Wednesday, Oct. 10 from 7:30-9:30 a.m.
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Photo: NextEra’s first Nebraska wind project was the 75-megawatt Steele Flats Wind Farm in Gage and Jefferson counties consisting of forty-four 1.7-megawatt turbines. The wind farm began commercial operation in 2013.

Source: NPPD Wind Generation

NextEra Energy Partners, LP announces agreement to acquire approximately 1,388 megawatts of contracted renewables projects and enters into a $750 million convertible equity portfolio financing

NextEra News Release

JUNO BEACH, Fla., Sept. 5, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — NextEra Energy Partners, LP (NYSE : NEP ) today announced that it has entered into an agreement with a subsidiary of NextEra Energy Resources, LLC to acquire a geographically diverse portfolio of 11 wind and solar projects, collectively consisting of approximately 1,388 megawatts (MW) . . . The assets include the Cottonwood Wind Energy Center, a 90-MW wind generation plant in Webster County, Nebraska. Read the entire release here.

Pixabay Photo

Additional Recommended Reading

  • NextEra’s Sholes Wind Energy Center project in northern Wayne County near the village of Sholes, 160 megawatts, will be completed in 2018. Omaha World-Herald news story:
    OPPD partner’s wind power project will continue utility’s renewable energy growth
    Once opened, it would boost OPPD’s amount of wind-generated electricity to 971 megawatts, OPPD says. That’s enough to power about 125,000 homes.
    The NextEra project is OPPD’s third-largest contract for wind power, behind the 400 megawatts the utility buys from Grande Prairie wind farm in Holt County and the 200 megawatts from the Prairie Breeze project in Antelope County. OPPD is also working with NextEra on building its first community solar power array, a 5-megawatt facility being built near Fort Calhoun.
  • NPPD Wind Generation: NextEra’s first Nebraska wind project was the Steele Flats Wind Farm near the Kansas Border in Jefferson and Gage Counties, 75 megawatts, which began commercial operation in 2013.
  • Utility Dive: NextEra’s renewables backlog grows to 7.4 GW as customers anticipate lower costs
    The influx of new signed contracts show confidence in lower prices of renewables products. ​NextEra, whose batteries have added $0.015/kWh to the cost of wind and solar projects built in the last six to 12 months, anticipates storage costs to fall to $0.005/kWh for projects paired with renewable energy in 2025.
  • PV Magazine USA: 

NextEra expects storage to add half a cent to solar in mid-2020’s

OPPD partner’s wind power project will continue utility’s renewable energy growth

By Aaron Sanderford, Omaha World-Herald

NextEra Energy Resources breaks ground Friday on the Sholes Wind Energy Center north of Norfolk and just west of Wayne. The company signed a 20-year contract to sell OPPD all 160 megawatts of electricity it produces annually. Once opened, it would boost OPPD’s amount of wind-generated electricity to 971 megawatts, OPPD says. That’s enough to power about 125,000 homes. Read more here. 

Generating an equivalent amount of clean, renewable energy sufficient to power 125,000 homes is a significant development for our state. According to the latest 2017 U.S. Census, there are 837,568 housing units in Nebraska. – U.S. Census Bureau QuickFacts: Nebraska 

Photo by NextEra Energy Resources of a Wisconsin Wind Farm completed by the company in 2012.


New Sarpy substation worthy of big “like”

NextEra expects storage to add half a cent to solar in mid-2020’s

By Christian Roselund, PV Magazine USA

1.5 cents per kilowatt-hour. That’s how much NextEra Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Jim Ketchum estimates that batteries have added to the cost of solar and wind projects that the company has built over the last six to 12 months, as revealed in the company’s second quarter results call yesterday. But that’s not all. Ketchum further added that he expects this cost to fall to around half a cent per kilowatt-hour in the middle of the next decade. Read more here.

Photo Credit: NextEra Energy Resources


NextEra is developing OPPD’s 5-megawatt solar project in the Fort Calhoun area. Would adding storage be an economical option in the near-term? Omaha World-Herald news stories about the solar project:

Fort Calhoun area will be home to OPPD’s first community solar array

By Aaron Sanderford, Omaha World-Herald

The Fort Calhoun area, home to a nuclear power plant that is being shuttered, is poised for another role producing power in eastern Nebraska. The Omaha Public Power District and its private partner, NextEra Energy Resources, chose a city-owned field just east of Fort Calhoun to host OPPD’s first community solar power array. NextEra is building the 35-acre,  5-megawatt solar array there and has contracted to sell OPPD the power it produces for at least 20 years.
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Photo: Lincoln Electric System’s 5-megawatt community solar facility was Nebraska’s first utility-scale solar installation. The solar farm is located on a portion of a 46-acre site near Northwest 75th and Holdrege Streets.

OPPD strikes deal to bring solar power facility to Fort Calhoun

By Casey L. Sill, Washington County Pilot-Tribune & Enterprise

Mary Fisher, vice president of Energy Production and Nuclear Decommissioning, said it’s something OPPD customers have been wanting for some time. “Our customers have really been asking for a solar option,” she said . . . Community solar facilities are built by a third-party operation and run by the utility company. NextEra Energy Resources, LLC, will build this facility. OPPD awarded a 20-year power purchase agreement to a Next Era subsidiary. Once the facility is underway, individual consumers can then buy shares or a “subscription” to the facility. Shareholders would bear the extra cost for the facility, but would also reap the benefits. Read more here.

Photo: Lincoln Electric System’s 5-kilowatt community solar farm,  located on a portion of a 46-acre site near Northwest 75th and Holdrege Streets. See Solar Examples.


Let’s Be Clear: Solar Energy Benefits Everyone, by Sean Gallagher, Solar Energy Industries Association Blog

Gallagher focuses on rooftop solar, but the same benefits apply to community and utility-scale solar, as well, several of which are excerpted, below, from the article:

  • Solar on businesses, government buildings and schools, [or aggregated into a community-solar program] can save utilities and consumers money on other distribution infrastructure costs. For example, expensive utility transformers can get overloaded on hot summer days when people are using more energy to cool their homes. Solar can reduce strain on the system on these days, which extends the life of utility equipment and creates savings for everyone.
  • Additional widely-recognized benefits of solar: avoided fuel hedging costs created by volatile fossil fuels like natural gas, avoided electricity losses from power plants that are located far away from cities, and avoiding the need to build new expensive natural gas plants.

OPPD Board Receives Community Solar Update

Omaha Public Power District News Release

Omaha Public Power District’s plans for community solar are moving forward. During their monthly meeting, today, the OPPD Board of Directors received an update on the project. The district awarded a 20-year power purchase agreement (PPA) to a subsidiary of NextEra Energy Resources, LLC, to build a 5-megawatt solar facility near the City of Fort Calhoun. When the community solar program has been finalized, OPPD customers will have an opportunity to purchase shares of the solar energy produced. The utility will be developing the marketing of these solar shares in the next few months, and we will include stakeholder outreach as part of this process. Read the entire release here.

NextEra Wind Projects in Nebraska

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