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More solar energy projects expected to come online this year

By Mike Loizzo, Nebraska Radio Network

The Nebraska Community Energy Alliance (NCEA) is planning to expand its solar power footprint. The cities of Superior and Fremont, and Allen Consolidated Schools, are the latest Alliance members seeking help paying for solar panels. The Nebraska Environmental Trust’s grant committee is recommending funding for those Nebraska Flyway Community Solar Projects. Learn more here.

Recent NCEA Reports

Protesters plan to put solar panels in the oil pipeline’s path

Nebraska Radio Network Contributor, William Padmore, KLIN,  Lincoln

With the Nebraska Public Service Commission’s weeklong Keystone XL public hearing in Lincoln starting next Monday, BOLD Nebraska is launching a new plan to fight against the planned pipeline. BOLD founder Jane Kleeb says the group plans to place solar panels directly in the way of the pipeline’s proposed route. Continue reading here.

Keystone opponents build solar panel on pipeline’s route, Nebraska TV
Jane Kleeb, founder of Bold Nebraska, said they’ve raised over $40,000 online for their Solar XL Project and said they’re turning their words into action. “We’re not just out in the streets protesting with signs, but we’re actually building the type of energy we want to see,” Kleeb said. Polk County farmer, Jim Carlson, is the first to install a solar panel and said he turned down $250,000 from the Trans-Canada Corporation.

NBC Nebraska Newscast: Local farmer builds solar panel array on land to fight Keystone XL pipeline

August 7th through the 11th at 9 a.m. at the Lincoln Marriott Cornhusker Hotel, 333 South 13th Street, Lincoln, Nebraska. Click this link for more information: http://www.psc.nebraska.gov/natgas/Keystone_Pipeline.html

August 4th Omaha World-Herald Article Regarding Testimony:
Judge: XL foes can’t testify about safety, necessity

Public Comment Form: http://www.psc.nebraska.gov/admin/admin_forms/pipeline.html

Study: Nebraska sees 104% increase in solar jobs

By Matt Kelley, Nebraska Radio Network

A report called the Solar Jobs Census finds the number of people working in the solar industry in Nebraska more than doubled over the past two years. Avery Palmer, spokesman for the non-profit Solar Foundation, says Nebraska had 1,585 people in solar jobs last year versus 776 the year before. The study finds one out of every 50 new jobs in the country last year was in the solar industry. Click here to continue reading.

Photo by Gwyneth Roberts, Lincoln Journal Star: Solar panels fill the roof of a former Meadow Gold building at Seventh and M streets in Lincoln’s Haymarket, now owned by Telesis Inc, whose goal is to achieve a net-zero energy footprint.


Companies, Cities, Including SB Corporate Members, Receive Climate Leadership Awards for Reducing their Carbon Impact, Sustainable Brands 

Shareholders supporting Ameren, KCPL energy efficiency goals

By Benjamin Peters, The Missouri Times
KCP&L was the first utility in the country to own and operate a commercial-scale wind facility in the state of Kansas. They’ve also continued looking into methods of harnessing solar energy, and partnered with the Kansas City Royals to place a 120-panel solar system at Kauffman Stadium. KCP&L also signed a 10-year agreement to buy renewable energy from Central Nebraska Public Power and Irrigation District’s three hydroelectric plants, the first addition of hydro power to their energy mix. Ameren Missouri currently operates three hydroelectric energy centers. Ameren Missouri has also explored a number of energy alternatives and recently received the green light by the Missouri Public Service Commission to begin their pilot program on solar energy. Read more.


State senators: Nebraska needs to act on climate change (AUDIO), by Brent Martin, Nebraska Radio Network
State lawmakers serving on a special legislative committee say Nebraska needs to adopt a state climate action plan. Sen. Tyson Larson of O’Neill, co-chair of the committee, says he wants to see the committee re-authorize so it can pursue recommendations finalized just prior to the legislative session. “In terms of our recommendations for legislation, I think members of this committee or the legislature will see pieces of legislation that are affecting these things,” Larson tells reporters during a news conference at the Capitol.

Study: The sky’s the limit for Nebraska’s wind energy industry

By Jerry Oster, WNAX, Nebraska Radio Network

Our region of the country is securing its popularity for renewable energy projects, according to a report from the Lyons-based Center for Rural Affairs. Lucas Nelsen, who authored the report “Link to Rural Development and a Renewable Future,” says 41% of the new energy generation projects that went online last year were specifically wind energy projects. Read more.

Photo by Megan Farmer, The World-Herald. Grand Prairie wind farm, Nebraska’s largest, near O’Neill in Holt County.

Link To Rural Development And A Renewable Future (PDF).



Co-ops Prominent on Solar Energy Top 10 List

By Steven Johnson, Electric Co-op Today
AEE Institute Residential Solar Energy System

Electric cooperatives are major contributors to a surge of solar energy additions in the United States, according to an industry study. A trio of co-ops ranks among the top 10 utilities in cumulative solar watts per customer, the Smart Electric Power Alliance said in its 2015 Utility Solar Market Snapshot. Click here to continue reading.

Photo: An industry association says solar energy capacity continues to grow by leaps and bounds. Credit: PRNewsFoto / AEE Institute

Renewable energy may be option for Nebraska’s rural electric co-ops, Nebraska Radio Network

David BrachtSome rural electric co-ops in the state are exploring renewable energy, which could help them reduce costs in months when power demand peaks. Just 10% of power in Nebraska comes from renewable sources like wind and hydroelectricity. Nebraska Energy Office Director David Bracht says a tiny part of that comes from solar, but declining costs are changing that. Bracht says, “According to a Renewable Energy Industry study, there has been about an 80% cost decline in the last six years and as that solar cost has declined, now it’s much more competitive.”

Kansas City Power & Light opens its first solar farm in Missouri

Kansas City Business Journal


Kansas City Power & Light has opened its first solar farm, which will produce enough electricity to power nearly 440 homes. Located in Greenwood, Mo., the 12-acre-plus solar facility is nearly 100 times larger than KCP&L’s solar array at Kauffman Stadium. Click to read more.

Photo: Kansas City Power & Light’s first solar farm. Credit: John West

Ethanol makers consider renewable energy options to stay competitive, Nebraska Radio Network
Energy Storage Would Get U.S. Tax Credits in Bipartisan Bill, Bloomberg News
Democratizing DERs: What role should utilities play in spreading clean energy to all?, Utility Dive
New Report Finds That Efficiency, Clean Energy Put Dent in Co2 Emissions, Climate Central
Link to the Report: Benchmarking Air Emissions of the 100 Largest Electric Power Producers In The United States
Thinking Big: Wind Industry Is Moving to Taller Turbines: Will the Transmission System Be Ready?Union of Concerned Scientists

Small utilities more likely to seek out renewables after FERC ruling

Written by Karen Uhlenhuth, Midwest Energy News

Midwest Energy News4

Rural electric cooperatives and municipal utilities are better-positioned to obtain power from renewable sources in the wake of a decision last month by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.

And some clean-energy advocates believe that as a result, renewable sources will be a larger part of the generation mix for the small utilities that serve a significant proportion of Midwestern electricity customers. Continue reading.

Photo by Thomas Kohler / Creative Commons

Renewable energy may be option for Nebraska’s rural electric co-ops, Nebraska Radio Network

Q&A: Does clean energy face a tougher standard on its impacts? Written by Kevin Featherly

Renewable energy may be option for Nebraska’s rural electric co-ops

By Jerry Oster, WNAX Yankton, Nebraska Radio Network Contributor

David BrachtSome rural electric co-ops in the state are exploring renewable energy, which could help them reduce costs in months when power demand peaks. Just 10% of power in Nebraska comes from renewable sources like wind and hydroelectricity. Nebraska Energy Office Director David Bracht says a tiny part of that comes from solar, but declining costs are changing that. Continue reading.

To learn more about Nebraska’s rural electric co-ops, visit the website of the Nebraska Rural Electric Association (NREA) www.nrea.org


Eric is President of Nebraskans for Solar

Eric is President of Nebraskans for Solar

Michael Shonka owns Solar Heat and Electric

Michael owns Solar Heat and Electric

Renewable Energy Can Provide Benefits to Nebraska, Midlands Business Journal, May 27, 2016 Edition. Two Nebraskans for Solar board members: Eric Williams and Michael Shonka, are featured. (No article link available. The journal is at local libraries and can be purchased at MBJ’s office).


Community Solar Growing on Great Plains, Electric Co-op Today
Madison adopts plan to cut carbon emissions 80% by 2050, Midwest Energy News
Dairyland Power contracts for 98-megawatt wind farm, LaCrosse Tribune

Nebraska hopes to close efficiency gap with PACE legislation

Nebraska State CapitolWritten by Karen Uhlenhuth, Midwest Energy News

Nebraska, historically one of the worst-performing states in the U.S. for energy efficiency, may take a step forward with the state legislature’s approval last week of Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) financing.

LB 1012 was passed out of the Nebraska legislature on April 7, and now awaits Gov. Pete Ricketts’ signature. He is expected to endorse it.

Nebraska will join 32 states, including Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Ohio and Wisconsin, that also have approved PACE legislation. Similar bills were introduced in the Iowa and Kansas legislatures this session, but made no headway.

Read the entire story here.
Image Credit: Flickr

Final Reading for LB 824
Wind energy bill may have final reading today in Unicameral, by Jerry Oster, Nebraska Radio Network
 Contributor. “This is probably the most important piece of wind legislation that has come through the legislature,” [Senator Al Davis of Hyannis] says. “It removes most of the regulatory barriers that have prevented wind development in the state. The companies are looking for locations. They want to go into a state where they can do business without a number of onerous regulations and rules that keep them out.” The bill could be up for final reading today and if not, would be up for final reading next Wednesday, the final day of the session.