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UNK will purchase more than half of the electricity from Nebraska’s largest solar farm in Kearney

By Cole Epley, Omaha World-Herald

Operators of the state’s largest solar farm have yet to publicly market shares of the community solar project being built at Kearney’s technology park. But six months before Chicago-based SoCore Energy completes the project in Kearney, organizers have already landed a high-profile taker that will purchase more than half of the electricity generated by the $11 million project. The University of Nebraska at Kearney expects to get about 12 gigawatts of electricity a year from the 5.8-megawatt solar farm through its purchase of about 3,600 “shares” in the project. Continue reading.

Photo: Jon Watts, left, UNK’s vice chancellor for business and finance, with Kearney Mayor Stan Clouse. The solar farm is being built in Kearney. Credit: UNK Communications


Kearney officially signs on $11M solar array project

By Mike Konz, Kearney Hub Managing Editor

According to Kearney Mayor Stan Clouse, going solar would add just $4.29 per month to electrical costs for an average home that consumes 962-kilowatt hours per month.

KEARNEY — Stan Clouse said Wednesday he’s ready to go green at home by signing up for solar-generated electricity, and he’s betting many of Kearney’s residential, commercial and institutional energy consumers also will want to do the same when Nebraska’s largest solar energy array is online in the fall . . . Tim Polz of SoCore Energy worked with the city and NPPD on the Kearney project. He anticipates construction will begin in late March and conclude before September. SoCore operates solar projects in 17 states, including Kansas, and is developing other projects in Nebraska, Colorado, Kansas and South Dakota.  Read more here.

Photo Credit: SoCore

Agreements signed in $11M solar project; Xpanxion announces official tech park plans, Kearney Hub. Posted February 3, 2017


Program Helps Satisfy Nebraska’s Growing Wind Energy Workforce Demand

By Ben Bohall, Producer/Reporter, NET News 

In 1998, there were only four wind turbines in the entire state. Now, there are more than 700. But as Nebraska’s wind farms continue to expand, finding trained people to work them has been a challenge. A unique education program is trying to change that . . . According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the demand for wind turbine service technicians is expected to more than double by the year 2024. Last year, turbine service techs took home $53,000 a year, on average. Construction is underway on 81 wind farm projects in 25 states, several of which are in Nebraska. The biggest is the Grande Prairie, near O’Neill, which is expected to have 200 new turbines. Read more.

Photo: Students of Northeast Community College’s wind energy technician program train on the campus’ fully functioning 100-kilowatt turbine. Courtesy photo.

NBC Nebraska: Wind turbine on campus will power, educate college
Central Community College-Hastings will have a wind turbine in operation by the end of December. “We consume a lot of energy on the campus, electrical energy,” said [CCC President Bill Hitesman]. “That will produce enough energy to run the campus at its peak performance.”
The college will be expanding course offerings for students in the renewable fuels field.

Renewable Energy Purchase in Grand Island

 By Amanda Kerstetter, NBC Nebraska

Photo: NBC Nebraska

Photo: NBC Nebraska

“We have our primary source right now is coal, we do have some natural gas, this wind energy will obviously be a bigger factor in that portfolio that we have,” said Tim Luchsinger of the Grand Island Utilities Department . . . “Environmentally, it is a clean source, it’s definitely the way of the future and it’s going to be good for Grand Island, it’s going to be good for Nebraska and it’s going to be good for the country,” said Luchsinger.

Read the entire story here.

City of Grand Island announces first renewable energy purchase, signs agreement with Invenergy Nebraska wind power, PRNewswire

USDA Grants Help Local Rural Development

By Jackie Kent, NBC Nebraska

The application process is open until June 30th. Eligibility information and the form are available here

Solar Array on Kleinschmidt Farm

HASTINGS, Neb. — The USDA Rural Development through the Rural Energy for America Program (REAP) awarded $146,000 in grants to 15 Nebraska applicants to help with energy conservation.

According to a news release, the funds will cover energy-efficient improvements and renewable energy systems installation.

The USDA has awarded $545 million to support similar projects worldwide since 2009. For local award recipients, that means helping rural development.

To continue reading and view the video, click here.