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Inside Business, Omaha World-Herald

Morrissey Engineering announced that its headquarters, the 4940 Building, has been awarded LEED Platinum certification under the v4.1 O+M beta rating system. The LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) rating system, developed by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), is the foremost program for buildings, homes and communities that are designed, constructed, maintained and operated for improved environmental and human health performance.

This is the second LEED Platinum certification for the 4940 Building, which became the first Platinum certified project in the state of Nebraska in 2009 as part of original construction. The certification is also the first of its kind in the U.S. Continue reading here.


Note: Jared Friesen, NABCEP-Certified Renewable Energy Specialist with Morrissey Engineering, is Nebraskans for Solar’s immediate Past President, having served as President in 2017. Nebraskans for Solar’s board has the governance structure of President, President-Elect and Past President.


Henry Doorly Zoo Solar Shade Canopy Utilizing Bifacial Solar Panels

  • OPPD, UNMC partner on state’s largest rooftop solar array, The Wire, OPPD Blog
    The UNMC campus will soon house 1,487 solar panels in a rooftop solar installation atop three campus buildings: the Michael F. Sorrell Center for Health Science Education, Truhlsen Eye Institute, and the Harold M. and Beverly Maurer Center for Public Health. The panels will generate up to 500 kilowatts of solar-powered electricity to help power UNMC, beginning in 2019. Morrissey Engineering also provided design services and project management for solar installations at the Henry Doorly Zoo & Aquarium’s Skyfari station at the Africa Grasslands exhibit, Lincoln Electric System’s Service Center, the Bellevue Public Safety building, and several Baxter auto dealerships in Lincoln and Omaha.
  • Five ‘Solar-Ready’ Building Preparation Tips, written by Jared Friesen

UNMC to get 1,500 solar panels, enough to equal electricity use of 60 homes

By Julie Anderson, Omaha World-Herald

There is no shortage of rooftops on the University of Nebraska Medical Center’s growing campus. Now the university is working to put some of that space to another use, partnering with the Omaha Public Power District to install nearly 1,500 solar panels on top of three campus buildings.

The installation, which will total 500 kilowatts of solar capacity, is expected to become the largest rooftop solar array in the state. At that size, the array’s energy production will equal the average annual electricity use of 60 homes in OPPD’s service territory, said Jared Friesen of Morrissey Engineering, which designed the project. Continue reading here.

Photo Credit: Morrissey Engineering

Telesis Inc’s net-zero energy business complex in Lincoln’s Haymarket is the next largest rooftop solar array in Nebraska.

Project: J-Tech Solar collaborated with SWT Energy on this nearly 300-kilowatt photovoltaic system on top of the former Meadow Gold Dairy House at Seventh and M Streets in Lincoln’s historic Haymarket. The business complex is now owned by Telesis, Inc. With 940 solar panels, the array is one of the largest privately-owned solar projects in Nebraska.

J-Tech’s thirteen-member installation crew worked closely with restoration contractors to integrate the system into existing and historical structures. Federal tax incentives, rebates from Lincoln Electric System and the steady rise in the cost of electricity were driving factors in the owner’s decision to complete such a large project. Also, the price of solar systems has decreased more than 70% since 2009.
News Story: Telesis going for net-zero energy use in Dairy House complex, by Nicholas Bergin, Lincoln Journal Star

OPPD partnering with UNMC on state’s largest rooftop solar array

By Jodi Baker, OPPD Blog, The Wire

Darren Dageforde, executive director of utilities and energy utilization for UNMC, said the med center has already made great strides in reducing its energy use and increasing efficiency. “Having a renewable energy source on campus demonstrates our commitment to being carbon neutral by 2030 and parallels our mission to create a healthy future for all individuals and communities.” This solar installation is expected to be the largest rooftop system in Nebraska, said Jared Friesen of Morrissey Engineering, which designed the project. Read more here.

Photo Credit: Morrissey Engineering

Jared Friesen is immediate Past President of Nebraskans for Solar. Our nonprofit has the governing structure of President, President-Elect, and Past President.

OPPD To Consider Updating Plant Decommissioning Method
Due to the great strides made by Omaha Public Power District employees in the decommissioning of Fort Calhoun Station (FCS), the utility will consider a timely, more economical approach. In a presentation shared with the OPPD Board of Directors during their committee meetings Tuesday, the district’s senior management team provided the option of shifting from the SAFSTOR (safe storage) decommissioning method to DECON (decontamination) . . . DECON has the potential to save the utility up to an estimated $200 million, due to reduced building maintenance and upkeep.

Morrissey Engineering takes diligent approach to “being green”

By Kevin Warneke, Omaha World-Herald

Morrissey Engineering takes sustainability seriously, said founding principal George
Morrissey . . .  “When we decided to build new in 2008, we knew that sustainability had to be featured throughout the building,” Morrissey said. The return on that investment came when the company earned platinum, or top, certification for its environmental performance from the U.S. Green Building Council. Read the entire article here.

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Jared Friesen, Renewable Energy Specialist and Electrical Project Manager at Morrissey Engineering, is a Nebraskans for Solar board member and the organization’s immediate past president.

Thank you to Jared Friesen and to everyone who attended his presentation last evening!

Nebraskans for Solar would like to thank Jared Friesen, Renewable Energy Specialist at Morrissey Engineering, for his informative and well-received presentation, “The Economics of Generating Your Own Solar Electricity” last evening at UNO’s Community Engagement Center. It was one of our largest audiences, ever, for our ongoing series of community education workshops.

We also want to thank everyone who turned out for the event, as well as our co-sponsors: Green Bellevue, Omaha Biofuels Cooperative, Omaha Sierra Club, Nebraska Interfaith Power & Light, Nebraska Wildlife Federation, and Transition Omaha.

Everyone is invited back to the Community Engagement Center, Room 201, on January 8th at 7 p.m., when our guest speaker will be Dean Mueller, OPPD Division Manager, Sustainable Energy and Environmental Stewardship. Please check our calendar for additional details.

December Workshop: The Economics of Generating Your Own Solar Electricity

Speaker: Jared Friesen, Renewable Energy Specialist at Morrissey Engineering
When: December 11, 2014  – 7 to 8:30 p.m.
Where: UNO’s Community Engagement Center, 64th & Dodge, Large Meeting Room 201

No matter how efficient a home or commercial building is constructed, electricity will be consumed in its operation. Historically, producing your own clean OR dirty electric energy at a price competitive with purchasing it from the local utility was not practical or economically feasible. The precipitous drop in photovoltaic (PV) system hardware costs, ability to maintain utility grid support, and other available incentives have changed the economic reality for some building owners. With the developing PV industry in mind, this presentation will cover:

  • What is the “value of solar” as it relates to the electric utility and electric user
  • What is net metering, is it fair, and what are its pitfalls
  • Performance and economic metrics a potential solar owner should understand
  • The attainable levelized cost of solar-electric energy that can be compared directly to current OPPD energy prices for residential and small commercial customers
  • Steps that must be taken to realize an attractive levelized cost of solar electricity
  • Q&A

Interested attendees are invited to bring one year (12 consecutive months) of electric bills for self-evaluation during the talk.

The workshop is free & open to the public, so please join us and bring a friend! Refreshments provided. Free parking is available in the reserved lot to the north of the Community Engagement Center, near the Durham Bell Tower. Let the lot attendant know you’re there for the Nebraskans for Solar workshop in Room 201. Parking is also permitted in other lots.

Sponsors include: Nebraskans for Solar, Green Bellevue, Omaha Sierra Club, Nebraska Wildlife Federation, Nebraska Interfaith Power & Light, and Transition Omaha

New! NFS Learning Group, Free Bestselling Book & December Workshop

You are cordially invited to join our new NFS Learning Group, which we will launch at our December 11th workshop and continue to sponsor the second Thursday of each month, 7 to 8:30 p.m., unless otherwise announced.

Everyone who attends our November 13th workshop will have the opportunity to sign up for the Learning Group, volunteer to help create a plan for 2015, order a free copy of the 2015 Solar Electricity Handbook, and write down your suggestions for fun and educational projects and events, for example: recommended book titles and other resources to post on our website, field trips (including opportunities to watch solar installations, visit a farm that’s off the grid, and a backyard, solar-powered greenhouse), plus step-by-step instructions for do-it-yourself solar projects, with one or more workshops and projects geared toward young people.

Please plan to attend our November 13th workshop (see our calendar for details) and bring your ideas for fun and educational group projects and activities!

Free Bestselling Book on Solar! 

Thirty-five early-release copies of the 2015 edition of the bestseller, Solar Electricity Handbook, by Michael Boxwell, have been donated to Nebraskans for Solar. The books will be distributed at our December 11th workshop. Additional copies can be purchased at the discounted price of $12 each.

The Solar Electricity Handbook is for everyone who wants to:

  • learn more about solar energy and its many uses
  • install a solar system on their homes or have it installed
  • install a larger, commercial-size system for their businesses or nonprofits
  • use solar to power their electric cars, mobile homes, cabins, camping tents, cell phones, laptop computers, portable radios and other electronic devices
  • install solar systems professionally (excellent beginning resource)

December Workshop – Plus More to Come in 2015! 

Our December 11th workshop presenter will be Jared Friesen, Renewable Energy Specialist and Electrical Project Manager with Morrissey Engineering Inc.

He will discuss “The Economics of Generating Your Own Solar Electricity” and facilitate a Q&A on solar energy. (Further details will be announced at our November 13th workshop).

Jared is a licensed Professional Engineer with a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from the University of Nebraska at Lincoln (UNL). He is a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) accredited professional and has received advanced training through Solar Energy International’s industry-recognized training program.

In 2010 he was instrumental in bringing solar energy to Morrissey Engineering’s LEED Platinum certified office building at 4940 North 118th Street. A major expansion of that system was made in 2014, resulting in its current production of 20-25% of the building’s total energy needs.


About Morrissey Engineering Inc

Morrissey Engineering was the first building in Nebraska to be awarded the U.S. Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Platinum certification, the highest certification level achievable. Click here to watch a video presentation.

27 kW Photovoltaic System Expansion, by Jared Friesen

View the 4940 Building’s Live Solar Output here.

At our December 11th workshop, Nebraskans for Solar will also hand out a list of your suggestions for events and projects from our November 13th workshop and schedule a meeting for volunteers to help create a Learning Group Plan for 2015.