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Want to attract Amazon? Try winning the wind race

 Opinion by Mike Franklin, President
Minnesota Conservative Energy Forum
Published by Minnesota Post

Last week, Minneapolis-St. Paul signaled its intention to join the race to entice Amazon to locate its new headquarters in the Twin Cities. While local officials pull together a package they hope will win the day, it’s worth considering how our friendly neighbors to the south have managed to persuade so many companies to set up shop in Iowa. Iowa, it turns out, can offer one thing more and more major corporations want: easy access to low-cost, renewable energy.

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Tesla Updates Supercharger Map For 2017 (Plans)

By James Ayre, CleanTechnica

Tesla has updated its Supercharger maps on its website to reflect current expectations for buildout in 2017. Going by the current map, also currently being constructed (and soon to open) are stations in Calgary, eastern Nebraska, western Kentucky, northern Colorado, coastal South Carolina, Las Vegas, and one near the Olympic peninsula in Washington state. There also appears to be a plan to install one in Honolulu in Hawaii. There are no plans for any Supercharger stations in Alaska, though, from the looks of it. Read more here. 


Omaha’s public bike-sharing system is set to nearly double in size by 2019, by Kelsey Stewart, Omaha World-Herald

Heartland B-cycle has partnered with the City of Omaha to nearly double the size of the public bike-sharing system by 2019. B-cycle will add 36 stations and 150 bikes. Organizers hope to have the first round of new equipment, which includes 20 bikes, installed in Omaha next year, said Ben Turner, executive director of Heartland B-cycle. The program will help meet many goals related to the city’s master plan, particularly in providing multiple modes of transportation,
said Derek Miller, the city’s transportation planner. Read more.

B-cycle stations are solar powered, keeping this green transportation emissions-free.