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Solar panel shipment data points to construction boom

By Christian Roselund, PV Magazine

As recently reported by pv magazine USA, S&P Global Market Intelligence is estimating that over the last two quarters the U.S. utility-scale solar project pipeline has ballooned to 23 GW. We’re seeing evidence of this from grid operators as well. The MidContinent Independent System Operator (MISO) is reporting 35 GW of solar projects in its interconnection queue, nearly all of which were added this year and last year. ERCOT also reports 32 GW of solar projects in its latest interconnection queue, and although only 3.9 GW of these have interconnection agreements, the vast majority of projects that ERCOT is reporting are solar and wind.
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Swinerton Renewable Energy Photo


Following Breckenridge and county, new group pushes for 100-percent renewable energy in Frisco, Summit Daily News.

If the town decides to hop on board, Frisco would join Breckenridge
and Summit County as communities in the area committed to weaning their way off of coal and natural gas. Photo Credit: Eli Pace/Summit Daily

City of Boise calls on residents for input on future renewable energy, KIV TV

This is all part of Mayor Bieter’s announcement in September that the electricity that powers the city of Boise’s facilities and operations will be 100% renewable by the year 2030.


More than 200 U.S. mayors have joined Mayors For 100% Clean Energy. Learn more about #Mayors4CleanEnergy and read the Endorsement Letter here.

Learn more about how you can launch a Mayors For 100% Clean Energy Campaign: View the Mayors For 100% Clean Energy Organizing Guide here.

If you’re a resident who is ready for your mayor to support 100% clean and renewable energy in your city, town, or community, ask your mayor to support a 100% clean, renewable energy future and add their name to the Mayors For 100% Clean Energy endorsement letter.


Cheap coal is ‘a myth,’ renewable energy increasingly more economically viable: study, The Oregonian

The study argues that, within 12 years, 100 percent of the U.S.’s coal capacity will have higher “long-run operating cost” than renewable energy options, thanks to anti-pollution rules and other economic factors. 

500 cities have committed to going big on clean energy this year – now what?

By Alexander Laska, Into the Wind
American Wind Energy Association Blog

A handful of cities like Georgetown, Texas, and Greensburg, Kansas, have gone 100 percent clean energy, getting all of their electricity from sources like wind, solar or hydropower. Now, over 500 cities are following in their footsteps, committing to go big on clean energy–saving their constituents money and cutting pollution along the way.

To help the effort, AWEA has released a new brochure, Wind Works for America’s Cities, which provides information on how cities can purchase clean, affordable wind energy and offers many examples of cities that have already done so.

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