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New Website Launched – Husker Power Plan.Org

Written by Matt Gregory, Clean Energy Advocate,
Nebraska Wildlife Federation

Last month, an informal coalition known as Clean Energy Nebraska, which includes Nebraska Wildlife Federation, officially released a state clean energy plan – the Husker Power Plan. The plan is so named as it calls for using in-state resources including higher levels of wind, solar, and energy efficiency than are currently planned.

Duane Hovorka, former Executive Director of Nebraska Wildlife Federation, was the main writer of the plan. Other contributors included Janece Molhoff of the League of Women Voters, former Lincoln Electric System board chair Marilyn McNabb and Nebraska Farmers Union President John Hansen.

“Overall, this is a plan for moving Nebraska further down the path to a clean energy future. It’s affordable, doable and continuing the progress that our public power utilities are currently making, ” Hovorka said.

The Husker Power Plan has been analyzed by energy consultants Anna Sommer, Tyler Comings and Elizabeth Stanton who found that the plan will reduce carbon pollution by 58% over five years compared to business as usual. The Husker Power Plan has been endorsed by eleven organizations so far, including Nebraskans for Solar, collectively representing over 10,000 individuals.

The Husker Power Plan, the consultants’ report, and information about endorsing it can be found at huskerpowerplan.org.

Matt Gregory: matt@nebraskawildlife.org

Local view: Bipartisan action on climate? Yes, it’s possible

By Marilyn McNabb, Lincoln Journal Star Opinion

Common ground does exist. In a post-election survey by the Yale Program on Climate Change, national polling showed that there are important things we agree on across party lines. Nearly eight out of 10 registered voters (78 percent) support taxing and/or regulating the pollution that causes global warming and half 49 percent support doing both. Only one in 10 support neither approach. Read more.

“Marilyn McNabb observed more than two decades of conflict and compromise in the Unicameral from the vantage point of the Ombudsman’s Office.” She also worked for the Nebraska Energy Office. Appointed to Lincoln Electric System’s Board of Directors in 2006, she went on to serve as Administrative Board Chair and Vice-Chair, retiring from the board in 2016. She holds degrees in Law and Political Science.