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Explorer spotlights climate change, renewable energy

By Kristine Goodrich, Mankato Free Press

As they skied and snowshoed along an ancient route across Iceland, explorer Aaron Doering and his team braved robust winds and historically deep snow. Over 3,000 classrooms across the globe followed their journey online as they documented their adventures in real time. Doering, a native of rural Good Thunder, recently returned from his 10th exploration in the Arctic. It was the second trip in the University of Minnesota professor’s Changing Earth series, which he says aim to highlight ways people across the globe are dealing with climate change. “We’re trying to build a tapestry of narratives around the world of people adapting to the changing world,” Doering said. Continue reading. 

The Changing Earth Project

Photo: A four-member expedition team that went to Iceland – including Good Thunder native Aaron Doering – spent most nights in a tent. Credit: Learning Technologies Media Lab

Wind farm expansion work begins

By Patrick Murphy, Norfolk Daily News

Work started in mid-February and turbine delivery is tentatively scheduled for end of May. The farm will go operational in July. The expansion will consist of three 2.3Mw (megawatt) machines. Bluestem also is currently working on developments across Nebraska and the Midwest.
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Photo: Norfolk Daily News / Patrick Murphy. With the wind turbines from Creston Ridge Wind Farm Phase I in the background, construction is underway on Phase II. Developer: Omaha-based Bluestem Energy Solutions.


New solar array proposed in Dubuque would be largest in an Iowa city

By Jeff Montgomery, TH Media

TH online

 A solar energy system planned for installation next year in Dubuque would be the largest project of its kind in any Iowa city, potentially providing a blueprint for solar’s growth across the state. Alliant Energy plans to install solar panels at two sites covering 32 acres in Dubuque to form the largest solar system created by the utility, said Zachary Hill, senior manager of business development. Hill said construction likely will begin in the spring and should be completed by late summer. Continue reading.

Photo by Nicki Kohl: Zachary Hill, senior manager of business development for Alliant Energy, stands at the future solar array site on East 12th Street near Dubuque’s 16th Street Detention Basin.

Mankato signs up for solar power, by Mark Fischenich, Mankato Free Press
The contract with Geronimo Energy involves investing in 5 megawatts of solar power production at community solar gardens in and near Mankato. The deal costs the city nothing upfront and guarantees a 1 cent per kilowatt/hour discount on that amount of power purchased from Xcel Energy for the next quarter-century. The city’s power rate currently ranges from 9 to 10 cents per kilowatt/hour. Read more.

Soybeans to solar: Boom is boon for landowners

By Dan Linehan, Mankato Free Press
Mankato Free Press
MANKATO — When John Frey of Mankato received an inquiry about putting a solar array on his land, he didn’t need to be persuaded on the merits.

Renewable energy was already his sole focus after retiring as a dean at Minnesota State University. Solar power, he said, is a virtual requirement if we’re to wean ourselves off fossil fuels.

When 40 acres of solar panels go up on his rural Lake Crystal land, perhaps this May, he’ll be looking at it as part of a global solution to climate change.

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Photo credit: Mankato Free Press / Trevor Cokley. A worker checks the alignment of the newly installed solar panels near the POET ethanol plant south of Lake Crystal. Customers of the South Central Electric Association can buy a membership in the 134-kilowatt array for an estimated $1,175 a panel.