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Bright outlook for community solar project

By Irene North, Scottsbluff Star-Herald

Photo Illustrating a 100-kilowatt community solar project

Photo Illustrating a 100-kilowatt community solar project

The City of Scottsbluff and Nebraska Public Power District (NPPD) continue to pursue a community solar project and define how the program will work. NPPD filed a letter of intent for the project on Jan. 4 to document the process between NPPD and the city so they can continue working toward formalizing their arrangement . . . The City of Scottsbluff will have the right to exit the agreement if the Nebraska State Legislature does not adopt renewable energy incentives in LB 423 or if the developer fails to be awarded a USDA REAP grant for the project.  Read more

Nebraskans’ quest for wind power is far from a breeze

wind turbines on a Nebraska farm

Nebraska wind turbines

By Henry J. Cordes / World-Herald staff writer

With some significant wind farms recently coming on line and others in the works, Nebraska is on track for more than 1,300 megawatts of wind energy capacity by 2017. That’s still far below that of Iowa and many other states, but it’s nearly triple what Nebraska had just two years ago, said John Hansen of the Nebraska Farmers Union. “It’s the biggest development spurt we’ve had, a significant amount of additional wind power,’’ said Hansen, whose organization co-sponsored the eighth annual Nebraska Wind and Solar Conference . . . Representatives of the state’s major public utilities Thursday touted their recent efforts to boost their renewable energy portfolios, spurred in part by anticipation of the emission limits contained in the Obama administration’s Clean Power Plan.

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Filibuster kills proposed tax credits for wind farms, other renewable energy facilities

By Martha Stoddard / World-Herald Bureau

State Sen. Jeremy Nordquist of Omaha, who introduced LB 423, expressed disappointment about the outcome of the vote.

“This was a decision today that’s going to have negative consequences long-term for the state,” he said. “It’s a decision that my daughter’s generation is going to be paying the cost for.”

The tax credits would have allowed Nebraska to take advantage of rapid changes in the energy industry, Nordquist said. Utilities are in the process of closing dozens of coal-fired power plants and will be looking to invest in clean-energy projects.

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Nebraska wind PTC bill dies at hands of filibuster, by Gavin Bade, Utility Dive
Dive Insight: Despite having some of the best wind energy resources in the nation, Nebraska ranks 18th in terms of installed wind capacity, with 812 MW at the end of 2014. Just to the east, Iowa has more than 5,100 MW installed, thanks in part to its state production tax credit of $0.015 per kWh.

However, Nebraska did add 272 MW of wind last year, the fifth highest in the U.S. That 51.9% increase made it the fastest growing wind energy state of 2014. Backers of the state tax credit, led by bill sponsor Sen. Jeremy Nordquist, hoped to build on that success and catapult Nebraska into a leadership role on wind energy. Nordquist said he was disappointed they couldn’t break the deadlock.

Wind energy development bill blocked, by Don Walton, Lincoln Journal Star
Excerpt: Although the focus of the debate was on wind energy, Sen. Matt Williams of Gothenburg reminded the Legislature that the tax credits also would stimulate development of solar power. Both Gothenburg and Lexington have such projects “on the verge of moving forward,” he said.

Solar power facility eyes Kearney for its $20M operation, by Ashley White, Kearney Hub Staff Writer