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“Solar for All”: How Utilities Can Increase Access to Solar Energy

By John Rogers, Senior Energy Analyst, Union of Concerned Scientists


A new report looks at what utilities can do to “bring solar within reach” for a broader swath of U.S. households, particularly in lower-income areas and communities of color. The answer: a lot.

Solar for All is a product of the Southern Environmental Law Center (SELC), the Partnerships for Southern Equity, and the South Carolina Association for Community Economic Development, and is supported by more than a dozen other state and regional organizations. Click to continue reading.

This One Chart Says It All for the Future of Solar Energy

By John Rogers, Senior Energy Analyst at the Union of Concerned Scientists. Posted on EcoWatch.

PV Price

One graphic says so much about how far solar has come and how bright its future looks. A friend and former colleague—my business partner from when I worked in solar—recently shared a graph [above] showing the drop in the prices of solar panels and the growth in worldwide installations of solar . . . Solar is now an important contributor not just to the power grid in leading states, but also to economic development and job creation.  And, thanks to cost reductions, state policies and the extension of the important federal tax credits for it and other renewables, solar is set to have another record-breaking year in the U.S. in 2016.
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Renewable Energy Surges to Record-Breaking Levels Around the World, by Andy Rowell, Oil Change International

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