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Renewable energy can charge up rural economies

By Mark Mahoney, nwestiowa.com

Lucas Nelsen

REGIONAL—The Center for Rural Affairs is strongly supportive of renewable energy. Those words come from Lucas Nelsen, policy program associate for the Lyons, NE-based nonprofit organization, which earlier this year released, “Powering Iowa: Rural Perspectives on Iowa’s Renewable Energy Transformation,” a research report examining renewable energy development in the Hawkeye State. Nelsen explained why the center is in favor of renewable energy.
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For Iowa, buying local means using renewable energy

By James McCoy, Guest Column, Iowa City Press-Citizen

Promoting economic growth is a major concern across the country. Communities have organizations in place whose main function is to pursue that goal, like chambers of commerce and economic development councils. We have slogans like “buy local” to keep money in local communities where it is recycled through the community stimulating economic growth.  For Iowa, “buy local” means use renewable energy. Our state produces no fossil fuels.  Every dollar we spend on coal, oil and natural gas is a dollar sent out of state we have to work hard to get back into our local economy. Read more here.

James McCoy lives in Iowa City and volunteers with Citizens’ Climate Lobby.

Photo: 650-member Farmers Electric Cooperative Solar Farm located south of Iowa City and north of Kalona.


The Governors’ Accord for a New Energy Future

The Governors’ Accord for a New Energy Future is a bipartisan initiative that helps states capture clean energy opportunities across the country and tackle growing energy challenges. States involved in the Accord will:

  • Diversify energy generation and expand clean energy sources
  • Modernize energy infrastructure
  • Encourage clean transportation options
  • Plan for energy transition
  • Work together to make transformational policy changes.
  • Secure a stronger national energy future

Governor-BranstadGovernor Branstad’s Statement on the Accord:
Iowa is proud to be the nation’s leader in renewable energy. We are first in the nation in terms of the production of ethanol and biodiesel. We generate nearly 30% of our energy from wind, and Iowa could be the first state in the nation to meet 40% of our energy needs from wind power by 2020 far ahead of any other state. And Iowa is a growing market for solar production. Our leadership in green energy not only makes us a leader in renewables but also powers job growth for many Iowa families. We will continue to pursue policies that will build on the foundation we have already for an even greener Iowa future.

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