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Renewable Energy Storage News

US Energy Dept says “holy grail” of clean energy storage is imminent, by Cat DiStaslo, Inhabitat

Portland Storage photo

Many countries are on the brink of becoming self-sufficient in their clean energy production, thanks to advances in battery technology that allow electricity from renewable sources to be stored and used on demand. Over the years, as renewable energy generation methods have charged forward, utility companies have struggled with how to integrate that clean energy in usable ways. Now, scientists at Harvard, MIT, Stanford, the Lawrence Livermore and Oak Ridge labs, and other agencies are working on energy storage projects funded by the U.S. Department of Energy, with their sights set on what the department calls the ‘holy grail’ of energy policy. The department says the industry could be transformed in as little as five to ten years. Read more here.

Photo: Energy Storage Systems in Portland, Oregon. Credit: Oregon Department of Energy

Sandia National Laboratories maintains a clearinghouse of state and federal policies as well as a list of projects, called the Energy Storage Exchange.


Energy Storage and the Supermajors, Microgrid Knowledge
French oil company Total is the first oil “supermajor” entering new areas of business including solar plus storage and distributed energy generation, Lux Research says, and the other global oil supermajors — BP, Chevron, ConocoPhillips, Exxon Mobil, Royal Dutch Shell and Total

[U.S.] — should follow its lead. Total recently bought energy storage company Saft for $1 billion, allowing it to compete with Tesla-SolarCity.

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Apple is launching a new company to sell surplus solar energy

Apple's solar farmBy Cat DiStasio, Inhabitat
For years, Apple has been generating solar power at a number of enormous solar farms around the world, helping offset the energy used by its many manufacturing and distribution facilities. Although the company isn’t completely powering its global operations by solar energy, there is enough excess solar power being generated by Apple’s California headquarters and Nevada solar farm to warrant a new venture: Apple Energy LLC. The energy spin off company could begin selling surplus solar power as early as August. Continue reading. Photo: Apple’s solar farm in Nevada

How solar panels save everybody money, Futurity. Posted by Boston University 
The paper, published in the journal Energy Policy, notes that using an hourly average for electricity prices, rather than a daily average—as many past studies have done—is a more accurate way to quantify how PV systems affect electricity prices, because such prices fluctuate greatly throughout the day.
GTM: Solar accounts for 64% of all new electricity online in US for Q1 2016
University Of Connecticut Students’ Business Helps Provide Solar Energy Equipment To Developing Countries. Two University of Connecticut students have started a business in providing solar energy equipment to developing countries, such as Haiti, Nepal, and some communities in Africa. Innovative-Diffusion LLC was launched 10 months ago by two UConn students.
Local Solar Energy Company Launches Community Solar ProjectThere’s a solar company in Rochester offering what it says is the first product of its type in the region. Sustainable Energy Developments has been putting up solar arrays throughout the region, and now they are offering people who don’t want to have the solar panels on their homes, a chance to buy solar energy.

Northport Public School Senior Develops Solar Energy Plan School is Now Implementing