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Inspiring National Solar Example

Here comes the sun: How Hampshire College moved to
100 percent solar energy,
by Adam Wernick, PRI

Hampshire College, with about 1,400 students in Western Massachusetts, has become the first residential US college with 100 percent solar electricity. “This is a great story that people don’t know about,” says Hampshire’s president, Jonathan Lash. “There are a lot of colleges and universities around the country who have decided to just get on with it. Some of their systems are bigger than ours. We’re pretty proud that we decided to go 100 percent and that we’re a small, not-very-well-resourced college out in snow country that’s able to do this.”
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This article is based on an interview that aired on PRI’s Living on Earth with Steve Curwood.
Before becoming president of Hampshire College, Jonathan Lash was president of the World Resources Institute.

Photo Credit: Hampshire College