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Solar farm becomes reality in 2017

By Colin Larson, Fremont Tribune

The city sold out 1 megawatt in five weeks and then decided to expand another .55 megawatts, which sold out in two weeks. 180 residential customers subscribed, along with 20 commercial customers and there are 70 more residential customers on a waiting list for a possible expansion. “We are committed to try to do another megawatt this year, we have 70 names already on the list, and we are hoping to sell it out easily in a few weeks as well,” [said Brian Newton, general manager of the Department of Utilities and interim city administrator].
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Image: Google Maps. The location of the first solar farm in Fremont will sit to the north of the Fremont Department of Utilities warehouse (in yellow) and will go online in January. Due to the interest in the first solar farm, the FDU has developed a waiting list for a possible second solar farm which could be placed in the same location. Image: Google Maps

The power of solar energy

Written by Fremont Tribune Staff

After survey results indicated that a large portion of Fremont residents are interested in solar energy, the Fremont Department of Utilities is moving forward with planning a community solar farm in Fremont. More than 70 percent of Fremont’s residential population responded through an August, 2016, survey saying that they were interested in getting power from a community solar farm. The first step in the process will be to present information about community solar at the Fremont Home and Builders Show held Friday through Sunday at Christensen Field Community Center. Read the entire article here.

Photo: Central City, Nebraska. What a community solar farm might look like in Fremont.


32nd Annual Fremont Home and Builders Show to open this weekend, by Chris Zavadil, Fremont Tribune. Free admission to the public! 

The show, sponsored by the Construction Employers Association of Fremont, will open at the Christensen Field Community Center from 6-9 p.m. Friday, and continue from noon to 8 p.m. Saturday, and from noon until 5 p.m. Sunday.  All 93 vendor booths, as usual, have been sold, Event Coordinator Ron Spahni said. Read more.

Photo by Chris Bristol / Fremont Tribune

Town supports solar energy

Fremont Tribune Staff


A Fremont’s Department of Utilities’ survey conducted in July and August examining some of the technical aspects of solar energy showed that Fremont residents are highly interested in the prospect of solar energy . . . Paul Gifford, chairman of the Board of Public Works, was pleased with the findings. “The board was very pleased with the survey’s results and appreciates the suggestions and comments received from customers,” he said. “We will continue working on the project and will share more information through bill stuffers as well as hold several community meetings early next year.” Read more.

Photo: Central City’s 200-kilowatt solar farm developed by Cliff Mesner. If developed, the Fremont solar farm would be significantly larger at 1.7 million kilowatt hours per year, providing enough power to supply 140 average homes.