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The Smart Electric Power Alliance’s 2018 Power Players Awards

The awards focus on projects, initiatives and thought leadership that promote collaborative, innovative and replicable models for change by:

  • Expanding knowledge about and access to distributed energy resources
  • Transforming public perceptions and understanding of the electric industry
  • Advancing progress toward an integrated, clean energy future

Read about each of the awards here.

Photo by Grid Alternatives: Coyote Ridge Community Solar Project sited on a former landfill adjacent to transmission lines. The landfill was provided by Larimer County, Colorado for the community solar project.



Consumers Energy pledges 5 GW of solar by 2030

In Illinois, new rules expected to make solar faster and cheaper

Written by Kari Lydersen, Midwest Energy News

Illinois lawmakers have adopted new interconnection standards that will make the solar siting and installation process significantly quicker and cheaper, clean energy advocates and utilities say. The Illinois state standards, adopted Oct. 11, are based on a rule establishing best practices that the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) adopted in late 2013. The standards are being held up as a model for other states, including Iowa and Minnesota, which are currently going through interconnection rule-making processes. Click to read more.

Photo: Solar panels at the University of Illinois campus in Champaign. Credit: santontcady / Creative Commons

Freeing the Grid, referenced in the article gives Nebraska a grade of “B” for net metering and an  “F” for interconnection and makes the following recommendations to improve state standards:

  • Remove system size limitations to allow customers to meet all on-site energy needs. (Currently limited to 25kW).
  • Credit net excess generation at the customer’s retail rate with indefinite rollover. (Currently credited to customer’s next bill at avoided-cost rate).
  • Remove the aggregate capacity limit. (Currently 1% of utility’s average monthly peak demand).

Freeing the Grid is produced by the Interstate Renewable Energy Council (IREC) and Vote Solar, with analysis provided by EQ Research.

Proposal seeks to speed approvals for Minnesota projects

By Frank Jossi, Midwest Energy News

interconnectionMinnesota regulators received a proposal Thursday to fix what advocates say is a slow and outdated process for connecting renewable energy projects to the electric grid. The proposal would update Minnesota’s 12-year-old interconnection standard and offer a more streamlined and transparent approach to regulations.

Fresh Energy (which publishes Midwest Energy News) along with the Environmental Law & Policy Center (ELPC) and the Interstate Renewable Energy Council (IREC), filed the initiative with the state’s Public Utilities Commission. Continue reading. 

Freeing the Grid, sponsored by Vote Solar and the Interstate Renewable Energy Council, gives Minnesota a “C” grade for interconnection, and an “A” for net metering in the annual “Clean Energy Report Card” for each state.

Freeing the Grid gives Nebraska a grade of “F” for interconnection and a “B” for net metering.

To learn more, visit www.freeingthegrid.org