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One year along: FCS marks shutdown anniversary

By Cris Averett, OPPD The Wire

The 478.6-megawatt nuclear reactor, situated about 20 miles north of Omaha, operated as part of OPPD’s generating fleet for 43 years.

But, as the energy market shifted and operating costs continued to challenge the organization, OPPD leadership made the recommendation in May 2016 to cease operations at the site. Concurrent with that, they announced a proposal to freeze general rates through 2021.

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OPPD signed a $400 million contract with company that ran Fort Calhoun – terminating it will cost $5 million

Written by Cole Epley, Omaha World-Herald

OPPD on Monday began permanently shutting down the smallest nuclear power plant in the country. The facility’s power-generating turbine and reactor were declared officially “offline” at 12:55 p.m., and so begins the lengthy process to clean up the plant as it prepares for decommissioning . . . [Savings] from closing Calhoun early have already shown up on the books, with the promise of more to come. Capital expenditures at OPPD were down almost $56 million through September, more than 31 percent lower than during the same period last year. Read the entire article here.

As Fort Calhoun nuclear plant closes, OPPD weighs its future in renewable energy

By Cole Epley, Omaha World-Herald


The winds of change are howling in the Nebraska energy industry. The Omaha Public Power District’s closure of its Fort Calhoun nuclear plant today clears the way for new renewable generation to fill the void left by the 478-megawatt plant, even though the utility plans to replace just a portion of its output. OPPD will have virtually doubled the portion of energy it receives from renewable sources by the time the new year rolls around. Renewables refers to sources of energy that aren’t depleted when they’re used — wind, sun and water, for instance. Continue reading.

Photo: The Grande Prairie wind farm, the largest wind project in Nebraska history, will eventually generate more than 818 meagawatts, almost twice the output of the Fort Calhoun nuclear plant, which closes today. OPPD most likely will begin taking energy from Grande Prairie by the start of next year. Credit: Megan Farmer / Omaha World-Herald

Nebraska Wildlife Federation Assessment: Closing Fort Calhoun an Opportunity to Add Renewable Energy

NEWFlogoThe Omaha Public Power District board voted to close its Fort Calhoun Nuclear Station at a board meeting Thursday morning in Omaha. A Nebraska Wildlife Federation assessment shows that the move will increase carbon pollution and other climate gases, unless it is offset with a renewed commitment by OPPD to wind, solar, energy efficiency, Smart Grid and other clean energy solutions. Download Nebraska Wildlife Federation’s Assessment here.

OPPD’s Fort Calhoun Station is the smallest commercial nuclear power plant operating in the US, and OPPD management has cited high operating costs in its recommendation to close the power plant. The Federation analysis says short-term the replacement power would almost certainly come from power plants fueled by coal and natural gas, adding pollution to our atmosphere. The Federation analysis says adding 600 MW of new wind energy, 50 MW of new solar energy, a dedicated energy efficiency program designed to reduce customer energy use by 2% per year, and smart grid and new energy storage technologies could avoid the air pollution impact, and would be affordable for OPPD customers given the low cost of wind, solar, and energy efficiency.

World-Herald editorial: “Times, energy mix change”


Omaha’s public utility is weighing whether to shutter the nation’s smallest nuclear power plant and get out of the nuclear energy business.

Omaha Public Power District’s decision next month on whether to close Fort Calhoun Nuclear Station is the latest development in a national trend. Continue reading.

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Tim Burke


SAVE THE DATE! President & CEO Tim Burke will present a forum hosted by Nebraskans for Solar on June 8th at UNO’s Community Engagement Center. The public is invited.

Public Release: Planning For Future, OPPD Management Recommends Ceasing Operations At Fort Calhoun Station


Continued operation of Fort Calhoun Station (FCS) is not in the long-term financial best interests of OPPD or its customer-owners. That’s what President and CEO Tim Burke told the board of directors at today’s monthly meeting, making a recommendation from senior management that the utility will cease the generation of electricity at FCS by the end of 2016 and begin decommissioning. The recommendation came after a thorough review of OPPD’s resource planning efforts. The board will review the recommendation and is anticipated to vote on it at the June 16 board meeting. If the recommendation is approved, OPPD proposes no general rate increases through 2021.

News Release
Board Meeting Presentation (PDF)
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