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Looking at all angles of solar energy

By Emily Hemphill, Seward County Independent

F. John Hay of the University of Nebraska–Lincoln spoke to Seward-area farmers, ranchers and others interested in solar energy Feb. 17 in the Jones National Bank and Trust Co. lower level auditorium. Hay works as an Extension educator in bioengineering and has spent the past 10 years educating people about wind and solar energy on large and small scales. Hay installed a solar photovoltaic system at his home over the winter and spoke to attendees about the installation process and weighing the benefits of a solar energy system.
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In her article, Emily Hemphill references: 


Top Photo Courtesy of GC Resolve: Family Farm in Minden, Nebraska. The 21-kilowatt solar system provides most of the farm’s energy needs. The project was partly funded by a USDA Rural Energy for America (REAP) grant, which covered 25% of its cost. Additional financing was obtained through the Nebraska Energy Office’s low-interest loan program for solar installations.

With solar energy costs declining, more opportunity for farms and residences

By Kerry Hoffschneider, Correspondent, York News-Times

[F. John Hay, a University of Nebraska Extension educator in the realm of energy] spoke to approximately 80 Nebraska farmers, businesspeople and everyday citizens from all walks of life about the potential for solar energy production on the residential and farm/ranch level, especially the most common approach to harnessing the sun’s energy – a grid-tied solar photovoltaic system . . . So what’s the cost? That’s what most farmers and ranchers and nearly every consumer wants to better understand. That’s why Hay has compiled an in-depth report entitled: Solar Electric Investment Analysis, that begins to do just that.  Read more.

Download Solar Electric Investment Analysis (PDF), Nebraska Extension Publication 

F. John Hay’s contact information: 402-472-0408 or jhay2@unl.edu.