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California’s rooftop solar mandate will normalize clean energy

By Eillie Anzilotti, Fast Company

At the end of 2018, California gave final approval for new building codes that will require every new home built in the state to come equipped with rooftop solar, or source power from a
community solar array–starting in 2020. From a sustainability policy perspective, this is a huge step forward. “It’s definitely a bold move,” says Kelly Knutsen, director of technology
advancement for the California Solar and Storage Association (CalSSA), which pushed for the mandate to pass.

California is the first state in the country to adopt such a mandate, and it will apply to the
approximately 80,000 new homes built in the state every year. The code also requires new
construction to have more rigorous efficiency measures–like thicker insulation and tighter
sealing doors–and encourages building developers and solar providers to add onsite battery
storage and solar-powered water-heating systems alongside the rooftop arrays.
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2019 Renewable Energy and Power Industry Outlook, Deloitte
Posted by AltEnergy Magazine. Despite uncertainty about federal tax reform effects and a spate of new import tariffs, strong fundamentals continue to underpin wind and solar growth and supported growth in 2018. And these are buoyed by the 3 enabling trends of emerging policies, expanding investor interest and advancing technologies, which we see continuing into 2019. 



5 Renewable Energy TED Talks To Start Your 2019, Forbes
This selection of TED Talks covers some of the most fascinating and promising energy topics for 2019. Be sure to read the 2018 Climate Change Overview and list of Energy Trends To Watch In 2019 before diving into these talks to better understand the impact of these new developments.

Utilities See Growing Opportunity in Community Solar Market

By Julia Pyper, Greentech Media

Community solar has become an increasingly popular way for electric utilities to bring solar to customers. In 2010, there were only two shared solar projects in existence. Today, 77 utilities administer more than 110 projects across 26 states, accounting for a total capacity of about 106 megawatts, according to a new Deloitte report . . . But while opportunities exist, the growth trends vary depending on utility type.

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