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Crowdfunding campaigns give nonprofits access to solar power

By Kari Lydersen,  Energy News Network

Mission of Mary, a faith-based urban farming organization, creates oases of sustainability in economically struggling East Dayton neighborhoods, with five plots growing organic produce and bringing together neighbors in the Ohio city. The expanding organization is installing a geothermal heating system for its new headquarters. And using solar to power the renovated inner-city building would be a natural choice. But especially since it is a nonprofit that cannot take advantage of federal tax incentives, the price tag for solar had seemed too high. Now, however, Mission of Mary is on its way to going solar thanks to RE-volv, a national nonprofit organization that is enlisting “solar ambassadors” at colleges to raise money to put solar on nonprofits, and creating a revolving seed fund to buy solar for more nonprofits in the future.
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Photo: Open Source Ecology