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Solar, wind power at work: Second ‘EnergiPlant’ sprouts from Creighton energy technology program

Written by Creighton University, Omaha World-Herald

A new plant in Creighton University’s budding energy garden has taken root. On a recent Saturday afternoon, as part of the culmination of their coursework, students in Creighton’s Energy 131 course – part of the university’s Energy Technology Program within its College of Arts and Sciences, focused on installing and maintaining photovoltaic systems – erected the campus’ second EnergiPlant USB charging station between the Mike and Josie Harper Center and Davis Square. Click to continue reading.

Creighton University Photo: The EnergiPlant – the second on Creighton’s campus – resembles a roughly 12-foot tall metal flower with a bloom doubling as a wind turbine and four metal leaves embedded with solar panels, all producing about 300 watts of power.


Green Bellevue: Embracing Renewable Energy

Written by Cheril Lee, The Reader

Don Preister, Green Bellevue President and Bellevue City Councilman, Ward 5, started Green Bellevue in 2009. Through the organization, approximately 600 volunteers work on a host of different activities including Earth Day and Arbor Day programs, recycling efforts, wildlife habitat cleanup, Green Schools and Clean Energy programs. Preister said they also focus on water quality and sustainable gardening. Continue reading here to learn about Green Bellevue’s renewable energy programs and projects.

Green Bellevue’s March Program
Solar Powering Your Home: Learn how to install solar panels step-by-step
Presenters: Don Preister and David Holtzclaw, owner of Transduction Technologies


Today’s Technology, Tomorrow’s Leaders: Lighting the Way at Creighton
By Cheril Lee, The Reader

In 2010, Creighton University contracted out to have four individual solar arrays installed around campus. Dr. Andrew Baruth, assistant professor of physics at Creighton University, explained the arrays came about thanks to the direct efforts of Dr. Michael Cherney, now an emeritus professor at Creighton. “In conversation, he learned of money that was available through the U.S. Department of Energy as part of a stimulus package that could potentially go to fund something like this,” said Baruth. Read more here.

Alumna Energized by SunShot Experience

By Kristine Rohwer, Creighton University Magazine

The future looks bright for recent graduate Erin Cheese,
BS ’15, as she pursues her passion in the solar and renewable energy field. A double major in energy science and applied physical analysis, Cheese is currently in her second year as a junior fellow with the U.S. Department of Energy’s SunShot Initiative, which seeks to make solar energy cost-competitive with other forms of electricity by 2020.

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Erin is also a former Nebraskans for Solar (NFS) board member, having served for two years. One of her many achievements was co-founding the Creighton Energy Club with other student leaders. NFS workshop attendees will recall that Erin, along with Cliff Mesner, owner of Mesner Solar Development, were co-presenters of a public forum on solar development opportunities, locally and nationally, at UNO’s Community Engagement Center on October 12, 2016. Erin’s topics included a discussion of the current SunShot initiative’s Solar In Your Community Challenge.

Powerful Outreach: Creighton’s energy technology students get real-world experience while helping nonprofits with alternative energy solutions

By Eugene Curtin, Creighton Magazine

Room 119 in Creighton’s Eugene C. Eppley Building is an unassuming space, its bare walls and utilitarian furniture bearing little testimony to the challenges faced by students enrolled in Creighton’s Energy Technology Program.

A hospital in Nigeria and the Siena/Francis homeless shelter in Omaha currently form the focus of their attempts to harness the power of the sun in the form of solar cell technology. In this room, and upon the efforts of these students, rests the humanitarian dream of a Nigerian priest, and the hope of a young, up-and-coming physics professor to prove the efficacy of solar power.

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To learn more about Creighton’s Sustainable Energy Science Program, visit: http://www.creighton.edu/program/Sustainable-Energy-Science-Major-BS

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Siena-Francis Solar Photovoltaic Installation: A Collaboration of the Omaha Public Power District, Nebraskans for Solar and Creighton University’s Energy Technology Program, By Anton G. Yanchillin; edited by Dr. Andrew C. Baruth

Wind, solar power could supply 75 percent of Nebraska’s needs, advocates say, by Russell Hubbard, World-Herald staff writer

Midlands Voices: An education leader in renewables

Omaha World Herald 

By Larry Hopp, Director of the Energy Technology Program at Creighton University

In Nebraska — where the ground touches the sky — our abundant natural resources have fueled our agricultural economy for hundreds of years. Our notorious wind, ample sunshine, water and fertile soils all play important roles in making our state a key part of the nation’s breadbasket.

These renewable natural resources have also put our state in a prime position to become a national leader in renewable power. Nebraska enjoys the third-best wind resources in the nation, and we are ranked 13th for solar power potential.

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See also: Wind, solar power could supply 75 percent of Nebraska’s needs, advocates say, by Russell Hubbard, Omaha World Herald

“Creighton University’s Sustainable Energy Science Program” – A Panel Presentation, March 23, 2015, 6:30 to 8:00 p.m. at Creighton University’s Eppley Building, Technology Room, 25th & California. Co-sponsored by Nebraskans for Solar (NFS). RSVP: NFS Events Organizer, Helen Deffenbacher nebraskansforsolar@gmail.com. For additional details, click here.