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Congressman praises Husker Solar Power

Written by Congressman Jeff Fortenberry, Fremont Tribune

jeff-fortenberry-2Far from a lab experiment, a symbolic gesture, or a nice idea, the LES solar project is a concrete, innovative, and economically viable pathway for greater energy diversity. Renewable energy sources now constitute about 48 percent of the power purchased by LES customers. LES, the Omaha Public Power District, and the Nebraska Public Power District have all taken steps, particularly through wind, to take advantage of price competitive renewable sources made possible by technology advancements and certain public policies.

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Opinion: Congressman Jeff Fortenberry on Green Energy Technology


Published by the Columbus Telegram

A while back when I was on the Lincoln City Council, we actively encouraged the Lincoln Electric System (LES) to build a second wind turbine and subsidize the cost. Now the LES is shifting toward a community based system of solar energy—a creative initiative that receives widespread support. I understand that in the next few years, LES’ power will be 48 percent renewable.

Efforts like this provide a view into the future of energy management. New advanced battery technology soon will be suitable for storing energy in homes. Recent lab advances are producing transparent material that could replace windows with solar panel “glass.” The combination of micro-solar generation conveniently built into existing homes, batteries to store energy, and smart technology that uses appliances during times targeted for optimum energy management—all are right around the corner.

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