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U.S. Power Plant Emissions Fall to Near 1990 Levels, Decoupling from GDP Growth

By Georgina Gustin, Inside Climate News

The economy is growing as carbon dioxide emissions fall and renewable energy rises. A new report examines the carbon footprint of the top electricity generators.
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Farmers will lead climate mitigation efforts

By Kerry Hoffschneider, York News-Times Editorial

About a decade ago, Graham Christensen decided to join the Nebraska Farmers Union (NeFU) team, in part because he felt that farmers and ranchers had a great opportunity before them to help in the mitigation of climate change by reducing greenhouse gases (GHGs). Recently, Christensen’s passion for battling climate change as farmers and ranchers led him to Paris, France where he attended a conference entitled, “Sequestering Carbon and Soil: Addressing the Climate Threat.” Continue reading.

Photo: Graham Christensen, owner of GC Resolve, installed the 25-kilowatt solar system at the Richards Farm in Oakland, Nebraska. See Solar Examples for more Nebraska farmers and ranchers who use energy from the sun to power their operations.


White House Release: Obama Administration Announces New Actions To Accelerate The Deployment of Electrical Vehicles and Charging Infrastructure

White House logoToday’s Actions include the Designation of 48 National Electric Vehicle
Charging Corridors on our Highways

The Obama Administration is committed to taking responsible steps to combat climate change, increase access to clean energy technologies, and reduce our dependence on oil. Already, in the past eight years the number of plug-in electric vehicle models has increased from one to more than 20, battery costs have decreased 70 percent, and we have increased the number of electric vehicle charging stations from less than 500 in 2008 to more than 16,000 today – a 40 fold increase. But there is more work to do. That is why, today, the Administration is announcing key steps forward to accelerate the utilization of electric vehicles and the charging infrastructure needed to support them.
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Teen activism moves Minneapolis suburb to pass climate initiative


By Frank Jossi, Midwest Energy News

Officials in a Minneapolis suburb adopted an aggressive greenhouse-gas-reduction policy last month that was brought forth by a group of local high schoolers who are part of a national climate change movement. Drafted by iMatter, a national youth-led group, the resolution aims for net-zero emissions by 2040 in St. Louis Park,  a suburb immediately west of Minneapolis with a population of roughly 47,000. The resolution also commits the city to working with youth activists on its future goals and planning . . . The students were the first in the country to have a resolution passed that was prepared by iMatter, which is training high school students across the nation to lobby their communities to pass a “Climate Inheritance Resolution.” The group’s website says similar efforts are underway in cities in New York, Iowa, Illinois, California and Canada. Click to read more.

Photo by iMatter