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Model for Nebraska? Colorado School District First to Offset 100% Energy Use with Community Solar

Posted by Solar Novus Today
Despite being the largest geographical school district in Colorado, with preschools, elementary, middle, and high schools serving 9,650 students, plus three transportation centers and an administrative building, D70 was able to consolidate its commitment into one community solar subscription, through [Clean Energy Collective’s] Roofless Solar program, with no upfront payment or recurring operations and maintenance costs and no changes to existing facilities . . . Participants subscribe to a portion of a shared array, which is optimally sited and engineered for maximum power production, and then receive credit for the power production directly on their monthly utility bills. Continue reading.

Clean Energy Collective (CEC)
CEC’s Community Solar Platform

Utilities Taking a More Proactive Approach to Community Solar

By Stephen Lacy, Greentech Media

Photo Credit: Greentech Media

Photo Credit: Greentech Media

Community solar is transforming from an experimental offering supported by mandates to a powerful utility tool for retaining customers, says a leading community solar developer.

With 115 megawatts of projects expected through the end of 2015, community solar is still a small fraction of the U.S. solar market. But the sector is defined not just by the number of megawatts being installed, but by how they’re getting installed.

Increasingly, that’s happening outside of mandated state programs, said Tom Hunt, the vice president of corporate development at Clean Energy Collective (CEC).

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