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Sandhills Energy laying groundwork for 40-megawatt solar project near Sidney

 Amanda Tafolla-Sutton, The Sidney Sun-Telegraph

A developer with Sandhills Energy LLC., came before the Cheyenne County Commissioners Monday to request permits granting solar utility transmission. Chuck Hassebrook, Vice President for Project Development with Sandhills Energy came before the board to request permits for a project he projected could bring in $150,000, over 30 years, in tax revenue for Cheyenne County, while creating a few permanent jobs. The project is a 40-megawatt solar [array], located two miles north [of] Sidney. Hassebrook said the project would take 50 million dollars to build. Continue reading.

Rural working voters cannot be taken for granted

Des Moines Register Opinion, written by Chuck Hassebrook



These voters stand ready to embrace practical policies to create genuine opportunity in their communities. Nearly 90 percent support investment in job training and small business development. Over three quarters support federal investments in renewable energy development, roads and water and sewer infrastructure. Click to read more.

Chuck Hassebrook is the former Executive Director of the Center for Rural Affairs, based in Lyons, Nebraska.


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Conservative Minnesota counties stand to benefit from clean energy development, written by Frank Jossi

minnesota-wind-turbinesnew report says proposed renewable energy investments in Minnesota could create more than 5,000 construction jobs and $7 billion in economic activity, largely in conservative, rural parts of the state. “We are clearly seeing a bigger (political) divide in Minnesota and clean energy is a way to bridge that divide,” said Chris Kunkle, Wind on the Wires regional policy manager for Minnesota. “You’re talking about advancing policies and investments from the Twin Cities that benefit rural Minnesota and create new jobs and tax revenue.” Link to the article.

Photo by Minnesota Pollution Control Agency / Creative Commons

Report: Michigan, Minnesota among clean energy ‘success stories,’ written by Andy Balaskovitz

turbine-bladesMichigan and Minnesota are exemplar Midwest states when it comes to state-level policy pushing for clean energy development, according to a recent report from the Georgetown Climate Center.

Michigan is credited largely for its commitment to energy efficiency, which has been emphasized by Gov. Rick Snyder’s administration as state lawmakers craft sweeping energy policy reform. The administration has also been proactive in modeling the state’s electric-generation future in the context of the Clean Power Plan as well as the state’s largest utilities’ closing several coal plants. Meanwhile, the report credits Minnesota for reducing in-state carbon dioxide emissions from the power sector by 28 percent between 2005 and 2013 due to strong renewable energy and efficiency standards. Read more.

Organization referenced in Andy Balaskovitz’s article: Governors’ Accord for a New Energy Future

Photo by Michael Hicks / Creative Commons