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Corporate World Weighs Up Trillions Of Dollars Of Climate Risks – And Opportunities

Mike Scott, Contributor, Forbes

Some of the world’s biggest companies, representing $17 trillion in market capitalization, have said that climate change could cost them almost $1 trillion, much of it within the next five years, with a potential $250 billion write-off of stranded assets.

However, they also said that there are climate opportunities of $2.1 trillion, “nearly all of which are highly likely or certain”. Financial companies alone saw potential revenue of $1.2 trillion from low emissions products and services but they also face almost 80% of the total financial impacts, increasing the urgency for them to shift their investments into lower-carbon projects. Read more here.

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Renewable Energy Buyers Alliance Expanding Membership Opportunities

Renewable Energy Buyers Alliance News Release, PR Newswire

Google, Facebook, General Motors and Walmart, along with over 300 other companies, launched the Renewable Energy Buyers Alliance (REBA) today—the largest group of corporate renewable energy buyers in the United States. By working to unlock the marketplace for organizations to buy renewable energy, REBA hopes to bring more than 60 gigawatts of new renewables online in the United States by 2025. Read more here.

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What is REBA?, Two-minute video by REBA on Vimeo.


Since 2014, the REBA community has grown to over 200 large energy buyers, and over 150 clean energy developers and service providers. Participants in the REBA community have been a part of 95% of all large-scale US corporate renewable energy deals to date.

With dedicated expertise from four successful nonprofit programs that have helped organizations break through barriers in renewable energy procurement in recent years, REBA’s goal is to catalyze 60 gigawatts (GW) of new renewable energy by 2025, and expand the number of organizations buying clean power from dozens today to tens of thousands.

In 2018, four leading NGOS — Rocky Mountain InstituteWorld Wildlife FundWorld Resources Institute, and Business for Social Responsibility — merged their renewable energy programs, the Business Renewables Center, the Future of Internet Power, the Buyers Principles, and Green Tariff programs. This programmatic consolidation builds upon their collective success and offers a single streamlined solution.

Today’s REBA seeks to grow the market for end-user backed renewables from dozens to thousands of organizations nationwide, while advocating for an energy system that meets the needs of all.

REBA is a national membership association open to all non-residential energy buyers, supporting the entire clean energy transaction involving buyers, developers, and service providers of renewable energy.

REBA also collaborates with nonprofits, governments, and universities. Discounted membership pricing is available, as well as partnership opportunities.

Visit the Renewable Energy Buyers Alliance website to learn more: www.rebuyers.org 

Exponential Power – Corporate Leaders Catalyze The US Transition To Renewable Energy

By Laura Paskus, World Wildlife Fund Magazine, Spring 2017 Issue

Three and a half years ago, Steven Skarda traveled from Procter & Gamble’s corporate engineering office in Ohio to WWF’s headquarters in Washington, DC. He faced a challenge: The multinational company had set ambitious renewable energy goals for its US-based facilities in response to the climate crisis, and as the company’s lead on climate and energy issues, it was Skarda’s job to figure out how to hit those targets. WWF said it could help . . . At the time, regulated monopolies like Georgia Power offered few or no options for customers to buy renewable energy directly, and weren’t planning to offer them. Few utilities knew that more corporations wanted renewable energy to power their operations. Read more here.

“REBA and the Buyers’ Principles have been remarkable in opening the eyes of legislators, regulators, governors, policymakers, and utilities about the corporate demand for renewables, and in getting them to the table to start engaging with corporate buyers in meaningful discussions.”  – Bill Weihl, Sustainability Director, Facebook

The Corporate Renewable Energy Buyers’ Principles and the Business Renewables Center are the core initiatives of what has become the Renewable Energy Buyers Alliance, or REBA. The alliance’s goal is to help US corporations add 60 gigawatts of renewable energy capacity to the grid by 2025. That’s a lot of power—equivalent to half of all the wind and solar energy added to date.

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Corporate Renewable Strategy MapWhere companies can buy renewable energy through the grid.